End Of 2021 Q&A (livestream)

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I’m super excited to connect with all of you! In this Q&A I will answer many of your questions. I want to recap on this last year of content and let you know where things are going with the channel. Most importantly, I want to thank all of you who have supported this journey for I could not do it without you!

all right guys thanks for your patience
those who are waiting for the live
new computer
couple issues we’re good to go
so super happy to connect with you
uh merry christmas happy holidays
whatever you celebrate it’s a great time
of the year at least for me i like to
sort of recap on things
and then in a couple days start planning
for the new year
so in this conversation guys i want to
connect with you
in a way that i’m not able to
in my videos you know i can’t really go
deeper into my thoughts and whatnot um
usually they’re around 20 30 minutes
and i wanted to take the time to answer
a lot of your questions i get a lot of
questions in my emails
there are a lot of
repetitive questions more popular
questions i’m gonna answer those and
then guys i want you to shoot out in the
chat here
i won’t be able to answer everybody but
i want to do my best to uh
answer your questions
and just have a nice dialogue
uh nice relaxed conversation
i’m super excited i have goosebumps guys
little goosebumps here
um because i’m very humbled to be doing
this i’m very humbled to have an
audience that wants to see this kind of
and truth be told
with the world we’re all in this is this
work i find my santa sanity in i find my
sanity connecting with people and
getting into different lives and showing
different stories and
the fact that others are like you are
interested in that too
uh and lets me create a living out of
this while i’m super grateful so thank
you all
all for that
let me hit with a few questions here
guys from you guys and then i’ll go into
some themes like i want to talk more
about um
how i started people always asking me
how did you start how did this thing
just get going out of nowhere uh what
was your journey like um how do you find
the people
that you your subjects
uh how do you get into the situations
you get into those sorts of things
uh okay blaze bob i blaze bob thank you
you’ve been with me for forever uh since
the beginning i’d like to say and he
asked a great question what’s the end
goal peter
you know i don’t i don’t
necessarily have one um i i know that’s
a terrible business model and i’ve been
trying to think of
you know more of a better business model
in that sense but i’m just sort of doing
what feels right and natural at this
point in time
so i have my next year sort of set up
what all which i’ll talk to you guys
soon about different series we’re gonna
get into different people we’re gonna
connect with but as far as end goal like
to build a big company with um
you know many people going out into the
world and telling stories or something
like that no i haven’t even
nothing’s really uh grabbed me to be
honest so i feel like i’m still in this
you know what
two years of taking it seriously i would
say two years in of taking it seriously
so i feel like i
need to just do
and uh get better at it and build up
more of a library and resume before i
can take the next step that’s sort of
what i focused on just like i gotta pump
a video out to you guys every week every
and uh
sometimes that’s easier
uh than others you know sometimes i’m
grinding pretty hard to get that out
there because there’s a lot of travel
involved and whatnot so blaze bob no end
goal right now
but thank you thank you for your
comments throughout the years you’ve i
mean with a name like that how could i
ever forget
uh so thank you
country uh efren ritas what country have
you had the best and worst experience
thank you
the worst experience i was poisoned in
back in 2002
and that was pretty bad
but this
just as it got so dark it got light
because these people uh this family took
me in and the guy was a doctor and
brought me back to life so that probably
my worst as far as best is god it’s like
so many really good experiences i don’t
have one that sticks out
okay guys thanks for the
chats up here uh shraggy
we need more videos with shlomi shlomi
uh from the hasidic series yeah i agree
he’s awesome
and uh lars thank you i appreciate
danish crones i believe crowns crohn’s
thank you guys appreciate it
okay pete trader asks a really good
question will i do videos outside of the
u.s again yes for sure uh that obviously
derailed this last year we were my wife
and i were living in ukraine and where
we were actually going to stay in europe
then the pandemic started
and it was like all right i sort of
tapped out all the content i could out
of ukraine i think i’ve done 60 videos
or something and i just didn’t have much
more in me for ukraine so then we’re
thinking europe and then all these
travel bans are starting and this
lockdown stuff so like oh jeez what are
we gonna do
and uh it was gonna be a move to italy
situation because i have an italian
passport too
and uh then i was like i don’t even
speak italian and i’ll what am i going
to do go to tourist sites
you know i can i’m sure i could find
good stories but i’ll run out of content
there so
we came back to the states back to
and uh
god in the four years i left things
changed so much in san francisco i’m
sure you hear me uh bitching and moaning
about it in some of my videos
uh it’s more like a broken heart thing
because that was always my favorite
place but it went downhill so bad i’m
like all right we’re out of here because
it just wasn’t safe for my wife when i’d
go on
trips to get content
now we’re in florida never would have
imagined in a million years so we’re in
the states back to your original
question yes international content i
really hope to get
palestine in israel that was on the
radar the spring time what was that 2020
when the pandemic started had to be
canceled obviously
and that’s head that’s like very strong
on the radar that would be my number one
go-to but
i don’t know what the story is there in
israel right now i think it’s like four
or three
and i’m i’m just waiting for things to
chill out a bit because in my style of
going in with a camera talking with
you know i don’t want to set and plan
everything up it just sort of changes
the vibe of
of the videos i make so i want to be
quite free especially in that series so
i need to go in when it’s
you know a bit more open hopefully
that’s soon
so yeah a lot more um international now
living in florida it’s like a lot of the
world is close i never even thought of
this but cuba is literally
an hour away
it’s really close and uh even colombia
is like three and a half hours away and
here we have the great shlomi zionsai
here in the chats
giving me some props
thank you brother appreciate it for
those that you know of you that don’t
know me most of you do he’s a hero a
hasidic jew that really has done more
for his
religion and culture than i think anyone
he reached out to me
and said uh you know peter do you want
to get into this acidic world that i was
like yeah i know nothing about you guys
why not sounds like a great idea and
that’s how that series started
and that was when i
came back to the u.s right in the
my i was born in vermont the first 17
years were in vermont and my mom still
lives there so my wife and i lived with
my mom for about a month
and uh
it was like it was a i mean it’s crazy
it wasn’t that long ago but it was a
year and a half ago not even a year and
a half ago and it was like okay am i
really gonna make it with this youtube
thing because it was sort of manageable
in ukraine because my cost of living i
think my rent was 750 a month
didn’t have a car and it could live on
nothing basically and uh
you know i could sort of pull it off
there but i’m like oh jeez look at how
much everything is now in the states
and um
i had no idea the content would work so
that was sort of like the first big
testing ground doing the hasidic jewish
and then it’s just it’s just grown a lot
since then
so shlomi thank you brother for bringing
me into your world and all of us
i think you guys
it’s the hasidic jews
look it’s one of those mysterious
cultures i would say for most of us
the more mysterious the more interesting
like the amish right uh blaze bob
welcome to onboard
welcome to onboard i’m on board bob
thank you brother appreciate it
bread pit asks
peter what do you think about trying to
make some videos on mystic topics maybe
dark insidious places etc
a new format
i don’t know about a new format but i’m
totally into mystic topics again like
anything that’s unknown seems to be more
popular and interesting for all of us so
i’ve had a witch
i don’t know if you’d consider that a
mystic topic but a witch reach out to me
i know nothing about witchcraft i think
that would be interesting um
i’ve had some alternative communities
reach out which we’re going to be
getting into this next year
i can talk about i want to talk about
upcoming series here at the end um
but uh some different alternative
community communities more spiritually
so yeah very interested any ideas you
guys have too
please uh send them my way you know i
um it’s a one-man band here
with my actually it’s two men my wife my
wife does a lot of the behind the scenes
you know she does the teasers in the
uh she helps she got this live stream
going on my new computer that i was
getting super frustrated with
so actually she’s the glue that holds it
all together
but really it’s just us so um
rip off an email
contact at
petersantonello.com you guys if you have
any good suggestions good good
interesting characters like
the shlomi of whatever community that’s
what we’re looking for
um alexandra b
big up peter one love thank you
alexandra b
appreciate it big up is that uh is that
an aussie term
big up i like it
okay uh jennifer here says native
american reservation would be
interesting so yeah jennifer that’s been
high on the list for a while
and um i started working on it and
trying to get into the navajo nation
but they tribal from what up my from
from the research i did tribal
rules i think a lot of you know this are
different than like normal uh
state or federal law
we’re going to learn more about this
when i get into these series how the
structure the governance works but uh
were very locked down for covid
from what i heard
and they’re wearing masks outside from
what i’ve heard correct me if i’m wrong
if someone’s from the navajo nation
but it just looked like
you know i got to get up close and
personal with my camera and if there’s
if there’s a lot of
you know distancing going on in a
community it just it just doesn’t work
i’ll deliver a terrible video and if
everyone’s messed up
it just doesn’t work as well so uh
yeah that’s happening this year
hopefully that’s definitely going to
happen that’s
absolutely the number one thing i want
to do is native americans and getting in
to different reservations across the
country because they’re i believe over
100 of them
and they’re very different uh wherever
you go
um you’re more of a harris says you’re
more of a true journalist than the lying
msm well thanks harris i don’t consider
myself a journalist to be honest i just
consider myself to be a curious person
i think like all of you you’re all
curious you all want to see into a
different world or life without a like
some real angled agenda that’s what i’m
trying to do uh literally because i’m
i’m so sick of the msm for those that
don’t know mainstream media uh most of
you know that but my mom didn’t know
that the other day when i said it so uh
yeah i mean i just the msm actually
fuels there’s i might come across all
nice and
you know happy and jovial but underneath
there’s some there’s some strife uh like
most of us some conflict and some
you know
the resentment comes from the msm
because it’s it’s really just dividing
us and coming back into the country
after four years of being out
seeing just how everything is so angled
it just pisses me off because i actually
see america differently for the first
time despite the weird state the country
in the world is in
i’m actually way more appreciative than
i’ve ever been before
you know i was always appreciative to
grow up where i grew up because i was
logic i could think logically enough to
know that look i was given a great
currency oh it’s it’s definitely uh
devaluing a bit by right now but still
on the world stage it’s a great currency
a passport to go everywhere the english
language i didn’t think about english i
didn’t have to learn it it was
into me which means you can travel the
world i mean like doors are so many
doors are open right and so i knew all
that but i didn’t really realize
just some things like
clean air
you know like
just being around uh you know i can get
clean food you know there are parts of
the world this this stuff doesn’t exist
and uh just the basics
and the fact that things work despite
all the weirdness right now things work
pretty well it’s surprising that i can
order uh
and it’s here in two hours i mean it’s
amazing so
uh what was the original question there
i’m sorry i got off on a tangent there
zayn come to oklahoma many different
reservations native americans here uh
chick chickasaw nation is cool thanks
zane i appreciate the
donation of the channel and yeah
oklahoma you know the heartland even
apart from native americans i’m really
interested in the heartland the midwest
uh it’s been fascinating the michigan
trip i did
i’m really sort of liking it it’s uh the
people are
well they’re i think they’re just
a little more old-fashioned and uh
more polite
they have more time
it’s been nice i would like to go to
oklahoma for both reasons
do i keep in touch uh not even wrong
says do you keep in touch with the amish
families yeah i just talked to josh the
other day
he’s doing well
he was beachy amish for those that saw
the amish series
uh he’s doing really well he’s
a lot of good things happen with that
series for him
and i think sometimes when an outside
entity like myself or or whomever right
comes in and shows them from a different
perspective they start to feel like if
i’m not going in to like rip them apart
which i’m not um
they appreciate the what they have more
i think because we all get used to what
we have and so when someone comes in and
confirms something that maybe you know
but you don’t think about
it’s a positive thing so uh
yeah josh i gotta write to the schwartz
and trooper couple i have their address
and i’m looking forward to this maybe
i’ll do that in the next couple days uh
write a letter like a handwritten letter
to them because they’re uh for those
that didn’t see the video the schwartz
and trooper amish are those ones that
most of us think of
like off the rails
off of society some don’t even know who
the president is they are completely
removed like no technology no
so i
the guy that i i got in with them i
couldn’t shoot their faces
but it was still interesting they made
me a hat and uh
the guy i’m forgetting his name but he
gave me an um an address to send a
letter to because it’s all he has so
i’ll keep in touch with him too
um that’s what i’m really loving is just
all the variation here coming back i see
it for the first time because you’re in
the hoods
and that’s one reality or with the amish
it’s another
the hasidic the wealthy neighborhoods in
los angeles
it’s like how are they all under one
uh country because they’re all so
complex very little uncommon
all right um jester boy merry christmas
peter greetings from keeve
uh thank you for being an inspiration
influence in my life love hanging out
with you bro thank you thank you so much
i loved ukraine for those that you
haven’t that haven’t been
uh it’s a great country because it’s a
very uh
despite its geopolitical
uh issues and whatever other issues the
people are amazing i mean people are
amazing everywhere but there are certain
places where they like they’re not
putting on a show they don’t they’re not
everything’s very authentic let’s say
and that’s what i’ve enjoyed too with uh
getting in with the amish or the
you know many people many different
groups they’re not really
trying to roll out the red carpet i mean
the amish they’re all friendly but i’m
just saying like they’re not trying to
push their ways on you
so they’re very very authentic
okay um
someone just asked me about cash app or
god i get i got to get venmo going i
have paypal it’s in the links of
the description of my videos but thank
you if you want to send to the channel
i think it’s pretty much this is similar
as with uh
with venmo
zoroastrian community in iran um
ortax says yeah great
i would love to zoroastrianism is very
i would love to i’ve been to iran twice
i don’t know if i can go back right now
to be honest
uh it was a little heavy last trip
just with like shooting videos and
having uh
microphones and
i’m in this line i’m in this area space
like in between travel vlogger and
journalists i’m not like just want to
show you the sandwiches i’m eating
and i’m not like an investigative
journalist so in between and so some
nations they don’t know what to
categorize you as so if i go in to iran
you know i’m sort of touching deeper
cultural things they might consider
journalism and then
like my experience last time which i
don’t want to speak of completely on
camera i can’t
um it was a bit heavy and it was like
not with the people there but with just
going as and as an italian but growing
up in the states and many factors that
you know
i have a wife
and a dog
okay where do you get your haircut red
river colorado right right here red
river i’m doing it every morning i just
have uh like the beard shaver i just do
everything at the same time
okay a menstrual says a bosnian
community in st louis thank you for the
i i would love to do that i’ve loved
bosnia i’ve been to bosnia fantastic
country beautiful country really little
known country
that that’s an interesting topic for
so guys i’m going to get off
going into a question i get all the time
so i just thought i’d answer it here for
everyone to see it once
so the start to my vlogging
a lot of you have maybe seen you know me
in the last couple years
and uh
you know oh wow that happened quick you
just start you know picked up a camera
got going well no it didn’t happen that
quick i’m not going to give you my full
life story because it will take forever
but roughly 10 years ago i
my number one my dream for since i was
basically 20 years old was to make a
tv show i really wanted to
show people the world and show people
what i saw in the world i didn’t
actually i didn’t travel out of the
country until i was
25 years old
it went around the world for two years i
saved 20 000 i worked day and night for
two years and at that time that we’re
talking early
2000s 20 000
you know could do something and you can
travel for a while and uh
so i went around the world for two years
50 countries
when i came back from that i was
constantly answering you know
you know people’s questions about you
know where’d you like and i would say
things like uh
and they’d be like why would you go
i’m like wow
beautiful lake that’s like lake uh it’s
cold it’s like 10 times the size of
tahoe people amazing kids are like
brought up on horses it’s beautiful it’s
stunning yeah the politics sucks but i’m
not there for the politics i’m there for
the for the culture experience
and uh
and i realized most people just
we don’t have much exposure to most of
the world
because of the msm right so
i thought well why not make a a channel
on these places so at that time it was
like a little pre i mean youtube was
cranking at that time maybe i just
wasn’t up to speed enough i don’t know
what i was thinking but i’m like okay i
gotta make a tv show
and so i was living in reno no i was in
i was in lake tahoe california in reno
nevada for about
two years i was flying back and forth to
los angeles to this networking group
like every two months
and i was trying to get in like i didn’t
know what i was doing at all i didn’t
have any connections
and i was trying to get in with you know
the industry right meet these production
companies and
and uh you know try to get a show live
try to get someone to pick up a show
even though i didn’t never did one uh i
was really
had no clue really what i was doing
and that i was at that for like two
years and i had another business um a
less glamorous business which was
detailing cars boats and planes and
that’s all i wanted to do
my dream was to make a travel tv show
and i would do anything i could
um to support that so i knew if i got
like a
so-called real job somewhere working in
a bank or finance or whatever it might
be and i would be terrible about those
but just a normal job then i would
it would make it harder for me to reach
what i wanted
to get
so i did work that i didn’t like for a
long time and i want people to know that
did a lot of stuff
that was not enjoyable and i would see
other people my age and friends like
accelerating in their careers and
whatnot in their in their 20s and
early 30s and i was like all right i got
this dream that
there are zero guarantees in that one
and the tv world the longer i was trying
to pitch
this concept
well eventually just the steel wall you
know one guy was just like you know what
man you’re nobody you have no reputation
no contacts uh no background
in producing videos
so here’s what you gotta do man you
gotta do youtube on your own and then
build up something
and i didn’t it didn’t really click with
me at that time i’m like all right maybe
this travel tv show thing’s a bad idea
i’m just like running out of i put all
my money at it i forgot to mention i did
shoot uh like a video i had a teaser
in the republic republic of georgia so
at the time i bought all this camera
equipment when it was way more expensive
i paid for a cameraman
to come with me to the republic of
georgia i spent all of my savings on
this right we went over to georgia and i
didn’t know what i was doing really but
i’m just like we’re going to get into
this thing
and we got into it like we got up into
this this vein in the caucasus mountains
to shetty
and it’s like
a different world up there people just
like mountain people and that was at a
very unstable time too like the russian
migs were coming over
bombing chechnyan rebels
uh we’re staying in these little houses
high up in the mountains beautiful
beautiful scenery some of the most
beautiful in the world
and like i was just just pounding wine
out of a horn
like a like an ox’s horn it was all
hollowed out and just getting
obliterated that way
trying to make a tv show
and the cameraman
i pretty much destroyed him and i i’m
sorry brian if you’re if you ever see
this you know i just like threw him in
he had no international traveling
experience and i just threw him in he
was all gung-ho and ready to do it but
i’m we’re just like going full days
and just you know following the party at
night and getting up early and
you know shoot this shoot that
so that’s the teaser edited that up paid
an editor because i just i was too uh i
hate to say it but i think i was scared
to edit i was scared i was like oh what
am i how am i gonna do this i don’t know
what i’m doing so i paid someone to edit
it came out to like a three minute
teaser you’ll see at the beginning of my
channel if you ever want to see it it’s
called the motley planet it was the
and that’s the one i pitched in los
for like two years
and no interest and it went nowhere and
so i’m like all right peter that dream
is uh
i don’t know maybe there’s a better way
to achieve your
you know achieve your mission of showing
everyone that the world is is pretty
open and amazing and like there’s all
this cool
exploration and so i came up with this
app idea that connected
and if
someone’s super tech savvy and
understands this business model better
than i did maybe it could still work but
it’s it’s uh it would connect travelers
with locals so if i wanted to say you’re
a runner or you’re into um
kite surfing whatever right you’re you
type in the location so you’re gonna go
your dates and running and it would
match you with that person
that likes the same thing because people
usually connect through common interest
i want to do a shout out andrew andre
thank you so much appreciate it you just
give a nice donation appreciate it man
so it would connect you with a person
that likes what you what you like and
that’s usually how
people hang out with each other right
over common interests and i always was
like what a great way to travel is like
you get to meet the locals and not do
like the normal stuff and get the local
experience so i went at that for a
couple years i had indian development
team i was still running my auto
detailing business
i had employees at this time so i was
one foot in that world keeping that
living in san francisco
and then
full in on this app and i would be up on
indian time late at night working with
these developers it was like
so two or three years
anyways it was way over my head again
way over my head didn’t know what i was
doing i loved the theory
of the concept it was an amazing i
thought it was an amazing concept
but there are things like facebook and
other companies that can uh do the
online social media thing way better and
it there’s just i couldn’t monetize it
and then like it was just great like
head to some things like if you’re a
heavy metal
you know guitarist you can meet another
you know a heavy metal guitarist in
egypt which they’re they actually do
exist there and it’s to me it was such
such a cool thing
i love the idea i hated the the process
every day all i was doing was like
trying to fix bugs on the website
and um deal with the indian development
team halfway around the world and quite
often were weren’t connecting on
uh communication and whatnot so it was
it was an absolute nightmare so that was
midlife crisis number three or whatever
and i just remember i had to let that go
because i ran out of money i just
couldn’t put any more money in it i
couldn’t get investment i was doing
these startup things in san francisco
all the time trying to connect
and it’s just it wasn’t my space to be
honest i mean i could perhaps lead a
team doing that but to lead a
development team and
and figure out the business model and
monetization was a nightmare and uh
so i bounced out of that and um
i i could go on and on forever guys i
won’t give you my full life story but uh
let’s say
four years ago
um i so now it was before i sold my
detailing business but i was in ukraine
i could run it from there
i was gonna start i’m like i gotta get
something else going in life i’m gonna
you know i’m
almost 40 years old and if i don’t get
something else going like what am i
going to do i need to make some money
and uh
if you do an amazon drop shipping
company and also a sales team in ukraine
because the labor is much cheaper and we
could do
or customer service for companies in the
us my heart wasn’t wasn’t in either of
those things i was just trying to think
of something that would work
and then it was like
i had some money saved and i was like a
friend i talked to uh he was like if you
really want to learn the language go
live in the countryside with a family
and i was just sort of at this like
again midlife crisis point where i’m
like what am i gonna yeah maybe i’ll do
that and so
i had an assistant and she hooked it up
with this family in the south of ukraine
near russia
and it was a family that was um
refugees basically from a city right on
the border with russia
and uh
they moved to the countryside inland
because their apartment was bombed out
so i moved in with them it was uh
three kids and and two parents and
i said you know i’m gonna make a i’m
going to make a video series out of this
i don’t know i’ll put it on youtube
we’ll see what happens
and i i did that and now it was six
weeks with them it was it was it was a
grind i mean we’re like
you know at nights it was like
what’s what’s better
have the window open and the
neighborhood the neighbors trash burning
their smoke coming in your room
but by having the window open you just
got it down to like
you know 82 degrees which in celsius
what is that 30 or something um
instead or i could close the window
and it would get up to 88 degrees
and um
i wouldn’t smell as much trash
and uh so it was a grind and it was on
like some mattress from pre-soviet times
like from the romanov dynasty or
something it was just like the springs
going into every rib and
uh but hey it didn’t matter it was about
getting this amazing content and for me
it was a life transformational
experience i
i got like a lot of respect for
uh religious people they were very
religious in my first morning we woke up
and there was a prayer with the family
i’m like okay it’s sunday and gotcha 30
minutes of praying sure
singing praying
and then monday morning came around it
was like the same thing
and then that was seven days a week
and uh at first i was like oh god i
can’t i can’t nothing against religion
it’s just like this isn’t this isn’t my
thing really um but i got into it with
them not like connecting with the
religion but just into their ceremony
let’s just call it a ceremony because
that’s what it was it was like something
that binded the family together and the
father was a former
drug dealer street fighter
alcoholic dude and he found god
and he got rid of that life and was
raising a very nice harmonious beautiful
family and they’re so well connected so
at that point in time i learned you know
what religion can really work for some
people and i stopped uh judging it
poorly i always thought before why would
i follow a book that’s you know younger
than uh
some of the redwood trees in california
that’s insanity why would i
but now i don’t think that anymore i’m
like okay that works for them those are
their beliefs as long as they’re
respectful to me uh
i’m all in and say then that that lesson
allowed me to integrate with the hasidic
jews you know before maybe i would have
been more judgmental
um it’s terrible we want to be less
judgmental but
so that was the first series
six videos or seven videos from the
ukrainian countryside it did pretty well
in ukraine because it was so out of the
box it’s actually called fish out of
and i even sold corn on the beach uh
it’s sort of like this mafiosa beach and
there was like a mafia overlord that
controlled corn sales
and i stepped on his turf
and uh
it got all funky it’s a good video
you’ll see it back in my channel if you
want to see that one selling corn on the
but trying to think of different
concepts that would work with the
underlying goal of like humanizing
places and people
so that’s how it started and then i
uh moved back to you know went back to
kiev kiev
the capital
and um
i the next series was in iran and uh
went in iran and did a series there and
that did pretty well but it really
didn’t start taking off until i got
regular which is i think two
maybe two and a half years ago i got
regular posting every week
the algorithm and google youtube rewards
you more if you’re like that so
you got to be regular and it’s just
building up an audience it took time you
know so um
getting regular and actually coming back
to the states helped a lot because
the ad revenue is much better for the
audience here than say ukraine so now i
can you know not worry about well you
never know that that revenue is up and
down every month but you know i’m living
in a much better way financially um
because it built up this u.s audience
and it’s just the u.s has become all
interesting to me now uh where it wasn’t
so much before i was always interested
in the world and now i’m coming back and
i also feel like it’s my antidote
antidote to uh
you know
the craziness that’s going on in this
world and like trying to see
good in things and
get in on the ground on the ground level
which is totally different than the
online world or not totally but a lot
the perceived reality through the
internet of what the world is versus
when you’re on the streets yourself
i’m trying to give
i’m trying to close that gap with these
videos for you guys to be like
yeah okay
detroit is known as a total hole
but look actually the downtown’s come
around and it’s quite amazing now and
even in the hoods there’s something
good in them
like there’s all sorts of strife and
problems but there’s actually there’s a
community there are people starting
businesses or people living with their
lives and i want to show that and not
just do
you know the media the msm
schtick and and just
divide and conquer that’s pretty much
the business model
that’s a question i get a lot guys uh
nick from cali nick thank you for
supporting nick travel we traveled a
long time ago
in uh
in argentina
and uh
montevideo that’s right
that’s the point guys is just to try to
create a space online that uh
that just doesn’t divide us you know
and i try not to romanticize i know my
content is mostly positive i’m not going
to go into the hasidic people and just
rip them apart i just feel like that’s
99 of the internet on that group of
people and i do try to mention and say
look there’s an apartment building and i
bet you in one of those apartments
someone’s getting beat up and someone
just had a kid and someone’s just having
a birthday and someone has the most
harmonious family and that can be said
at any apartment building of scale that
you look at there are all sorts of
stories going on at the same time
they’re all true
they’re all true
but where’s where’s the light focusing
on right and so
you know i’m not gonna meet up with
someone like an amish person and try to
rip them apart and look at their worst
uh that’s why i’m not journalism the
world needs more investigative
journalists that are
that that are completely bipartisan
that um you know if they’re gonna hit a
story they’re gonna hit it from
you say in one video right they’re gonna
hit it from
a few different
totally different angles like this is
the happy story this is the this is the
danger this is the blah blah and that
takes a lot of resources and a lot of
time and if i’m going to survive on
youtube i have to post once a week
and i can’t outsource this stuff
a lot of it um
so that’s why i’m not a journalist
what i do guys is give you an angle in
to something that maybe you’re not
experiencing in your own life i try to
do as non-biased as possible where which
i’m sure my bias comes out at times it’s
impossible not to but i try to like let
the subject speak as much as possible
i roll the camera you guys you guys like
it you dislike it doesn’t matter it’s
you maybe if you get something out of it
that’s all i care about
that’s the big question guy i mean that
i always get like how’d you start doing
and uh
you know did it just happen overnight no
it’s and i left so many details out
there and i’m 44 now so i’ve quite a
story at this point
long journey long journey it it really
winded a few different it got stuck in a
cul-de-sac over here doing circles for a
while and then it went on the highway
for a bit and then there was a crash
you know it was no
road that’s for sure
so where i’m at now is um
i’m pretty happy i’m very hard on myself
every video i look at
um is like oh i missed that i didn’t do
that well enough i wish it was more
interesting in this point that point
so i’m never totally comfortable in this
to be honest
um but the goal is this next year this
year was a big stepping stone in this
next year
super pumped for um just to bring it to
the next level i think i’ve gotten a
little bit better with uh
how to structure a story
um but a lot of it’s the spontaneity and
the not knowingness which makes it
interesting so sometimes i get into
something and everything might be set up
like the weather’s sunny
the subject like shlomia is fantastic
uh the the subject matter is super
interesting and all these things come
together at once and make an amazing
video or i could get it and the weather
comes in bad it’s windy i’m like
constantly trying to block the wind so
it doesn’t mess the audio uh the subject
and i are connecting super closely
the story’s not that interesting and so
sometimes i can’t avoid it there’s some
stuff i don’t even post
because it just doesn’t work out for
various reasons
but the goal is to get you guys better
stories i feel like i’m getting a little
bit better at like
there’s a lot of unknown but at least
packaging it in a way where
it’s a little bit uh easier to watch
so that’s the goal for this next year uh
moon thank you for reaching out this has
been a fan since day one a lot of you
have been fans for years so thank you
you’ve supported me from the beginning
moon when i had like three people
watching my videos my mom being one
wife being the other and you uh great
job on your videos happy holidays was
the reaction to
what was the reaction to the muslim
series do you think there is a change in
people’s ideas towards islam so i did a
muslim series recently you guys uh for
those that didn’t see it
the reaction is
that’s uh that was that was a hard one
because i um went into dearborn michigan
which is primarily shia and i knew it
was to some degree but i didn’t know it
was like
so majority shia okay
so it was the representation wasn’t um
look you’re taking 1.8 billion and
you’re trying to do a series on them and
showing how them how they are you can do
hundreds of videos right like
hundreds of videos to get that story and
so i try to get different angles but
that’s always gonna that’s always going
to make some people uh
you know unhappy because they’re like
i’m muslim but hey what you’re showing
isn’t anything like me
so uh
you know they’re gonna take it
personally which is understandable like
if someone shows something like oh
here’s what americans are like and i
don’t fit fit the narrative of what
they’re showing i’m like yeah whatever
because that’s not me so i get that i
did get some of that some people are
super happy uh
whole mixed
mixed uh range i would say
of people
uh but muslims i gotta do like it was
only one part of the united states like
that just is
i could go to different parts of the
united states different parts of the
world i’ve been in many muslim countries
doing videos uh so just by default it’s
sort of a muslim series because it’s
muslim people but
i feel like i just
very just didn’t go i touched the
surface that there’s gonna be a lot more
in that to make a complete story
okay um
you’ve all asked peter how about
gentrification in boom towns by boom
towns i’m i’m guessing you mean um
places by like uh
you know popular cities is that what you
what would you be saying
i just lost my
okay you’re still alive good i lost the
screen here
gentrification i would say
i don’t know it’s a double-edged sword
there’s some places where it held you
know if the neighborhood gets safer
because of it
you know that can be looked at as a good
thing it brings in more jobs but if a
late neighborhood loses its soul and its
feel and like the average person can’t
live there
any longer than it’s
you know there’s a problem with problem
in that so it’s that’s a sticky one i
don’t have an easy answer i can uh
here let me just guys apologize for uh
this i lost my stream
let me get my wife down here natalya
okay i can’t see your guys comments
um but i’ll get that fixed soon
hopefully she’ll be down here
gentrification yeah it’s that’s a tough
one uh
you don’t like to see a place lose its
soul and that sometimes happens
you like you know the world is changing
so quick quickly and um
certain neighborhoods like when i was in
arthur ave out in
uh the bronx italian neighborhood you
know going through the stories of what
the past was like and how everyone’s
coming out of everyone’s doors and
everyone’s connected
um it’s sad to see that stuff go away
love i lost the
the stream the comments here and i don’t
want to end this stream i’m talking
okay and i’ll figure it out
okay so guys if you haven’t gathered yet
tech is not my thing
i use a gopro there’s a couple buttons
one is power
one is uh power off
and that’s about all i do so uh
it was actually a barrier to start my
is worrying about that stuff like how am
i gonna you know learn how to edit
actually it’s not that hard and um my
edits aren’t complex or anything
but it’s uh
you know i wouldn’t say my strong suit
do you see where that thing goes
guys i’m i’m still gonna speak i just
lost your comments
can i see on my phone you think
i think so
okay give me your okay she’s gonna bring
in her computer i can look at the
comments guys
all right uh another another question
how do i make money
okay that’s pretty simple it’s just ad
revenue it comes through google so
it has to do with the amount of volume
as far as like how many people are
watching a
how long they’re watching for
where they’re from
where they’re watching from so what ads
are being presented to them some are
going to be in markets that are
more valuable for the advertisers so
that’s going to pay out more there’s
never a way of knowing exactly
um another thing is like videos that are
evergreen this is where i’m very
fortunate is someone can go into
an old series of mine say on saudi
arabia i shot years ago
and still watch that and it’s still
somewhat relevant today whereas if i was
a news channel like i watched this news
channel breaking points
their content is all like you know time
specific you’re not going to watch
you know
here we go
okay cool
okay got it
um thank you
so you’re not gonna watch some news
story from most likely three weeks ago
like that’s done it’s expired and so
um that’s the difference between my
content which is evergreen and some
channels that are not evergreen they
have to be you know time specific
so that has a lot to do with it thank uh
thank god for me i mean thank like i’m
very fortunate it works that way
so all of these videos sort of add up
over time you know some are dead in the
water nobody watches them but some some
keep going i can shoot a video like that
you know i did two years ago and it’s
still performing and doing something
so basically it comes through google and
here i got the comments going thank you
uh from slovak slovenia excuse me uh
great country by the way i love slovenia
beautiful the little switzerland of
eastern europe you’re creating amazing
content thank you i appreciate it uh
love slovenia was uh there in ljubljana
a couple years ago and in the north the
taurus or tatus mount i forget the name
of the mountains but uh beautiful place
right near italy
so the money just comes through google
basically in a direct deposit every
month uh
it’s i think it’s at it’s called adsense
they calibrate it i don’t know i forget
what google takes out of a an ad dollar
if like i think it’s it’s either 45
or 55 the creator gets 45 or 55 i forget
what um
so that’s the main stream of income then
i have facebook
my facebook channel is actually bigger
than my
youtube and sometimes performs much
i had no clue that that would be a
reality i honestly just started
reposting my youtube videos on facebook
and then
that has the uh the ability to scale
larger on facebook if something goes
so those two streams i have a
brand i work with cuts clothing
watch my videos you’ve seen the ads and
what else i have a patreon thank you the
patreons i apologize i haven’t been
doing anything for you i’ll do a video
but i have a patreon group uh that’s a
bit of money
that’s it that’s how it works i’m gonna
do some merch here soon i just started
um it’s been a long process
i gotta say
uh but a new website
and this is the part i wanted to get all
the videos on here and make it super
user friendly it’s easier on desktop
like all these things but uh so if you
go down to here this map page
again on desktop it’s really awesome
so you can get
you know i
typed on the uh part of the world north
america right
and then you can go like to this
see all videos
it’s working right it’s brand new it’s
brand new
uh i’ll get that going in a second
if you go there you can see all the
videos on the website
and you can press like newest
or like oldest to newest and if for
those of you that want to see like the
old stuff and how the journey started
you can go back to my earliest stuff
okay here it is so
you can just scroll scroll scroll scroll
scroll it works better on the desktop
just because it’s bigger bigger screen
um but if you go
oldest to newest
i was stuck in khmer mountains for
tajikistan i was i was like 25
26 years old then just a kid it was just
like a very short video but you can see
you know
where this there’s a little hair going
on there i mean the boat slips
um started early
but i was like 26 there
you know these these are sort of the raw
uh in syria
this guy with one leg jumping down the
stairs for me really muhammad charlie
was his name in damascus interesting guy
teaching english in thailand i did that
i lived in thailand in my younger 20s or
like 26 mid-20s
i’ve done all sorts of things so uh
here’s the travel tv show i was talking
uh the teaser for it’s a three minute
video it’s actually uh
maybe some of the best camera work
because it was shot with a like
real dsl uh dslr camera
so my point was the other revenue source
is gonna i’ll get some merch going i
don’t expect to make any money off that
but i i got my logo going and i need i
might as well wear my own hats you know
some of my t-shirts and stuff like that
so that’s the new logo
and uh i’ll be selling that stuff soon
so those are the ways i make money
it’s uh it’s a great model because
before when i had my detailing business
if i needed if i had to make more money
i had to hire
more employees more insurance
supplies there’s just so much more
overhead we’re in this digital space
it’s like you know if i can make
uh the scalability is endless if um
you know if i make a good video
it can really scale out
and uh
it doesn’t change the amount of people
working on it which is my wife and
it’s a model i was looking for for a
long time to be honest i was really
burned heavily with my um
workman’s comp insurance it really
pissed me off because
this was last recession 2008 it was in
the state of nevada
and um
you know i paid my workman’s comp never
had a
a claim with any one of my employees it
was really expensive insurance
did everything i was supposed to do well
the state went broke because of the
and because they had to borrow from the
uh to cover their bills they wanted
business owners to pay more like more
than the insurance that i already paid
and never used they wanted us to fill
that fund
and it just like burned me in a way
where i’m like oh really they can just
do that like there’s no uh
didn’t even make one claim once ever and
i’m paying a crazy amount that’s like my
business isn’t making that much money
i’m like getting by
and now they’re gonna stack on a massive
amount of money
um because of why because they didn’t
manage their books right okay
and then that just like sat here so one
the risk with this business model is the
internet goes down right i mean we’re
all sort of screwed at that point
if we can’t get online but um
that would be the risk here but that
risk i just saw
too many physical moving parts
with too many regulators like i have no
problem with regulation i very much
appreciate clean air and clean water and
want things to work and i’m no problem
paying for that but when it gets to that
where it’s like thievery let’s call it
because that’s what it was
then i have a problem
so this model for those that are you are
you know maybe some of you are thinking
about getting online with something
uh if it’s a scalable product like i
hate to say the word product is sellable
uh scalable
it’s amazing right
so that’s the money part
all right i’m gonna get some your
questions here guys
and then i will finish up by letting you
know where things are going with the
how much do you make you know i’m from
the old school i don’t i can’t say that
you know i grew up my dad was like
old school new york italian style guy
peter you never tell anyone
you never tell anyone what you make
you know you never let them in on that
information maybe those times have
changed people are more open about that
stuff but i was sort of beaten down with
that one so i can’t tell you but it’s
it’s good enough to live now it’s not
like i’m wealthy but it’s
i’m happy and
it’s very finicky with facebook
especially i can i i got demonetized for
like three months
uh because of the series
in ukraine in the countryside and when
the kids go swimming they have their
shirts off and they’re like little kids
i got killed on that
i removed all those videos i made sure i
went back and blurred everything out in
uh in youtube
it’s not stable let’s just say
but i just have to create good videos
that perform well
okay um
i’m sorry i’m butchering your name uh
you should contact
shsh shike
from one message foundation youtube
channel i believe he’s based in sandy uh
san diego for sunni orthodox view on
islam thank you for that thank you um
truth be told i won’t be
the muslim series is gonna be done for a
while uh
i will get back to it eventually but
i’ve i’ve done
seven videos recently
and i’ve realized that
you know for muslims they’ll probably
probably be happy if i did 40 videos but
for some people some of the audience
they’re like all right i you know it’s
not their number one interest
and then i might start to be you know
they’re like hey let’s
cool we saw that now that we want to see
something else so there’s always a
balance with that guys i’m trying to
like deliver enough of a deep dive where
you get something out of it um but with
any of these things you could go in i
could do muslim videos for the rest of
my life
probably build a more like a bigger
channel because that’s how youtube works
if you really like go niche on something
and then i was like the muslim video guy
then that would be uh beneficial i would
just burn out on it like with any topic
that’s why i like what i’m doing is i
can do
whatever whatever i’m interested in i
want to do this for the long haul
i don’t want to burn out in a year or
to be able to go into all different
walks of life and see it from all
different angles keeps me interested
and so i try to get that balance right
for you guys it’s not always possible
um and oh another question i get all the
is uh
you know are you always traveling and no
i’m not at all i i’ve gotten it down
uh pretty efficiently especially these
us series where i’ll go into a city for
say seven
seven nine days
and it’s like full on
assault on making videos
sometimes i’ll do two in one day
but if i go say for seven to nine days
say shoot
eight videos
that’s gonna last two months
so for those creators out there that are
really interested in like the model of
that it that’s that’s two months that’s
two months of uh videos so i in in let’s
just say uh eight days i’m in a place
that’s what i have to travel now it’s
stressful because
i gotta coordinate all this stuff i
gotta find the right people i gotta
figure out the right stories i gotta
think of the right intros which is to me
always the hardest part though it is
getting a little bit easier with time
uh good morning guys
today we’re gonna blah blah it’s like i
gotta think of that to like bring
someone in and then hope that the story
really matches that because sometimes
they get totally off the rails and off
topic and then my intro doesn’t even
match what we got into
uh so try to like nail that down really
literally i’m traveling
try to do it once every two months
yeah i’m sort of at the i’ve done a lot
of traveling in my life and i’m
i’m married and i really
i like the balance to be honest i like
to go out
full on
i crush it adventure
it’s very intense
and then coming home
and having two months to edit through
and post the stories and do other story
creation and development like right now
we’re working on
uh the next series
and so you have to obviously set that up
it takes time and there’s planning to it
all right guys a few more questions then
i will uh end here
with where we’re going next
uh you might have talked about this but
what got you into the style stuff
documentary okay i did robbie thanks for
for chiming in i’ll go back about 20
minutes here when this is uh
we’re an hour in go back at like the 30
minute mark i gave the full story it’s a
long one
okay how much mo asked how much money do
you spend when traveling
mo totally depends the country
the us is obviously more expensive than
eastern europe i’ve i’ve
stepped it up a little in my hotels and
accommodations i’m not going i’m not
staying at the four seasons but i’m not
at the uh
the holiday inn i don’t know how the
holiday ended the motel six i’m not at
the cheapest i’m more in that more
mid-range now more
you know
stepping it up a little i think that’s
what happens when you get older you want
like i want to be able to get a good
sleep before every one of these videos
like i need to be on my a-game and
performing like i need to be energetic
so i’ve gotten
spent more in hotels plane tickets
aren’t usually that much
uh a rent-a-car food
so each trip
i don’t know it depends where
two three thousand dollars i would guess
something like that
do you know what a super chat is seems
like you’re getting a super chat yeah i
apologize i think i answered all the
ones i have in here um
i’ve answered the top chats i see top
and i’ve answered all those to the ones
i’ve seen at least
all right guys if i missed your um super
chat i i really do apologize um
i want to answer every super chat
but all i see is one at this point i’m
on my
wife’s computer now and this is what’s
coming through
so i answered that one super chat if
there’s any more that i missed i really
it’s not on purpose
okay okay couple more here
okay what um ahmed says what countries
are on your list
to visit 2021
uh like i mentioned earlier israel
palestine really want to get in deep on
both sides of that story
you know i try to avoid politics as much
as possible with the content of course
you get dragged in because politics is
life and it’s almost impossible to avoid
at times that one especially right
but i want to get that story
as far as country countries go
my wife and i are going to go to italy
on a trip hopefully uh when we can so i
might make some videos out there also
and then i don’t have anything
specifically nailed down
as far as countries go but probably in
europe a country i would like to dive
into it’s probably not going to be for a
while but a country i love is indonesia
and how varied and mixed up it is it’s
i’m getting this wrong by like a
thousand but it’s roughly sixteen
thousand islands eight thousand
it’s a country that i don’t know how
these archipelagos stay together with
the centralized government because you
go to these islands and you’ll be on one
island and it’s one religion
and way of life and then you go to the
next one it is totally different and the
people have very little in common other
than apart from being human and you know
wanting their needs met but like their
cultures are so different and when you
have so much of that you know you have
in indonesia which is a massive island
um i think that would be more of a
conservative islamic place
and then you have places like uh monado
sulawesi yeah that’s where it was
sulawesi it’s christian like the city’s
and it works there and so the country is
like so mixed up it’s really i think
one of the big
mystery countries out there
and there you go there’s the biggest
muslim population in the world i think
it’s the fourth biggest population in
the world after
the us
i think so
what is it china india us
that’s what i’m super interested uh
suhas tell us about how you met natalia
you guys are cute tinder suas do you
have tinder in your country
it’s not just for hookups it worked it
created a marriage
so that’s how we met we met on tinder we
texted back and forth we connected
on all sorts of different topics like we
were talking about movies and then you
know we’re attracted to each other so
we went out at dinner
she ate at like one fork bite every
every 10 minutes she was eating slow so
slowly it was it was uh
killing me but hey we uh we had a good
and then it just went from there and
i honestly thought i’d never get married
i didn’t
i know this sounds like it’s not
supposed to sound i didn’t see the value
in it i thought you know i look at most
marriages i’m like yeah 50
want to sign somewhere to get out of it
okay who’s really excited about the
and uh
so i didn’t even
think i would go down that road i mean
it was a 50 50 honestly and then it just
and naturally it was the first time it
just sort of happened naturally
and like it was there was no resistance
to it and
here we are a few years later we still
haven’t had our wedding how crazy is
that because we got married technically
during like with the government during
and just haven’t had a wedding yet
so honeymoon period still lorraine thank
you i appreciate it lorraine is a big
supporter i always see your comments
thank you lorraine you’re amazing
motor folker
motor [ __ ]
i don’t know i i apologize if that’s uh
not a joke it just when i’m reading it
from afar i came up with something else
but um motor motor folker
from switzerland
um thank you so much
sorry from sweden sweden what am i
talking about sweden
uh thank you so much great country i
took the viking lines from stockholm to
helsinki many years ago when i was 25
and for those that don’t know it’s just
this party boat i would think it was the
hangover in my life i was i was dropped
off in helsinki and i fell asleep on a
park bench this is what i don’t drink
anymore i don’t party anymore but this
is when i did i had three russian bunk
and a ton of vodka
and we just
fired it up i don’t think i slept that
night it was like this boat with like
colored carpet it looked like a casino
and like litter balls and stuff
and uh
it’s a boat where i think the young and
old swedes go back and forth they’ll
like go to helsinki and then come back
the next day i’m not giving you a great
um props about sweden because i did have
fun on the boat but sweden’s an amazing
country what’s stockholm like 14 islands
or something beautiful architecture love
uh thank you appreciate the support
uh thanks for being you thanks for being
appreciate that mary thank you for
giving us such a diverse look at the
world yet making us all so connected be
safe from miami thank you mary
that’s what i’m trying to do
uh it’s honestly it’s in a selfish way
it’s keeping my sanity
uh because i do look at the news too and
i do get irritated with so many things
and you know with how this world is is
going and this is my sanity so um
thank you so much i appreciate it in
miami we’re neighbors i’m right up the
coast from you know okay uh
welcome to on board okay carmen just
joined i appreciate it carmen thank you
i think i got through everyone here
um if i miss someone no i got everyone
all right guys so future uh series
coming up here
uh here’s what’s on the radar right now
uh native americans uh
it’s not gonna happen
as i said earlier in the chat
live stream
covet policies have been very strict on
the reservations from my understanding
and i’m just going to wait for things to
chill i want to make i really want to
get this one right i really want to get
in deep on it and
i want to create the best videos and
experience so
be patient with me on the native
americans that’s probably the number one
requested series
and i rightfully so it’s a very unknown
group of people in this country
for most of us
uh the reservations are like different
and uh
i know very little about them so i need
to start my reading and
get that set up
uh like unless covid does another
and they’re getting strict there if it
relaxes then i’m i’m in i’m gonna get
that series this year
uh appalachia or appalachia appalachia
um appalachia
that’s uh on the radar i want to get in
deep into appalachia into those towns
that have sort of you know
not progressed with a lot of the other
cities in the in the country or
you know i hate to say these words like
left behind but some of these places
you know
they’ve been left behind you know the
jobs have moved out the industries have
moved out
and i want to get tap into their world
and into their heads and how they look
at and i’m sure there’s both negative
and amazing stuff going on at the same
time but it’s a part of the country
most of us know nothing about
that’s high on the list
i told you abroad like uh
israel-palestine is long again coveted
stuff i know israel is very strict right
but when they start to open up
uh that’s high in the list and then uh
coming up here soon
will be um
where we’re going we’re going to
southern california so we’re trying to
get in with
this community out in joshua tree
national park working on that working on
slab city it’s sort of an alternative
i haven’t done my research on it i need
to do the research but that’s sort of an
alternative community living out the
desert also
we want to get into uh motorcycle gangs
now this is not uh it hasn’t been the
easiest if any of you guys are in
motorcycle gangs please reach out
contact peter santaniello dot com
i would love to uh
i need an in a lot of this stuff you
just need it in
and uh
i really want to get into there’s even a
seek motorcycle i don’t know if you call
them a gang or a club
there’s a women’s one
there’s obviously the hell’s angels
i want to get into that community you
dive deep on like how do they look at
the world right now
what are their thoughts say about coven
and restrictions and
say america 2021 2022
and uh get that perspective
so that’s the
that’s here we’re gonna be filming i’m
gonna be filming that in uh about three
and i’ll start posting afterwards
so that’s pretty much which what is on
the radar right now uh there’s a couple
really big series in there
and um
there’s a bunch of other little ideas
like sometimes i just come into stories
like uh
the guy isn’t emailing me back here
hopefully he does i was out
uh you know what i do miss about
california is not the um
the the crime and the homelessness but
what i do miss is like the ability to
get into a car and go into completely
different areas like going to the
mountains or the desert
redwood trees
and uh so i tried to recreate that the
other day and i drove out to lake
okeechobee it’s a big lake in the middle
of florida and uh
on the way out i was in the ever you
know in the everglades and i stopped on
the side of the road and i started
talking to a guy this guy lives out in
the everglades he’s got like a little
he showed me pictures he was off it and
you can only get to it by boat
and he lives in his own universe he’s
got a pretty sweet house out there but
it’s in the middle of the evergreen
blade so i’m trying to get that story
hopefully he gets back to me but any
one-off stories like that like it
doesn’t have to be a series it can be
like a
like a just some person’s super
interesting story that is not connected
to anything else
so i think there’ll be more of that too
going on this year
all right uh sam thank you so much
appreciate it jb what were you
uh what city were swiping in tinder that
you all met
kiev ukraine
yeah tinder works
i’ve been on it for a while but it works
pretty much everywhere i think
uh farooq
uh thank you for the donation appreciate
it very nice of you
and uh back to mary mary
miami mary
what a great city that’s turning into
like it’s um it’s gotten a lot better
over the last couple of years i would
say it’s not like i know florida well
you can go down there and um
there’s there’s stimulation there’s some
good restaurants there’s uh
there’s life there’s like a good energy
going on
the driving i have to say is the worst
that i’ve seen actually the worst is uh
riyad saudi arabia but the
the 95 from fort lauderdale to miami
is is uh i’m not complaining i’m doing
it for entertainment value only it’s
atrocious it’s so bad you’re doing like
90 miles per hour and someone will come
up on you with like fenders hanging off
the car because they hit like three cars
earlier in the day
and like coming up so close you just
gotta like get out of the way no matter
what because it’s just like you know
they’re gonna
either cut you off or
run into you
that’s been interesting here
all right guys well i think i got all
the live chats if i missed if i missed
you guys any of you i appreciate it
this guy’s laughing at uh
riyadh driving yeah riyad guys riyad
saudi arabia it’s like you you you’re
believe it in you know for those that
everyone has their thoughts on saudi
arabia but if you’re in saudi arabia in
your reality it’s a pretty like
place i just don’t know what happens to
those arabs when they get behind the
wheels of their cars
in riyadh and they lose it they just go
gas pedal to the floor
and it’s like
it’s just chaos
bogota is bad too yeah i agree i’ve been
there that’s that’s pretty bad
all right uh where have you met the
happiest people joe says
um i’d say like
uh um a lot of like
southeast asia places i think where the
climate is good they don’t have they
never worry about there being a food
in those places obviously not too poor
to the point of not being able to
but enough means where they’re
you know
i think they seem the most relaxed i
wouldn’t i wouldn’t survive there
because i need to do more and need more
action and uh to achieve more and i like
working um
but a lot of those people that just have
all those deep deep family connections
and ties there’s all sorts of bad stuff
going too obviously but
yeah miramar or burma i don’t even know
what it’s called these days but uh
that seemed i’ve been there for a long
time that seemed like people were very
very happy
so uh
watch out for gators yeah i haven’t seen
one yet
when am i doing a live event in miami mr
rodriguez says maybe i’ll do that that’s
a good idea
how do you summarize 2021 from your
good question um
look we’ve moved four times in the last
year and a half trying to navigate this
thing well one back to the states
uh well this with my mom for a bit
before we got our feedback in san
francisco and had to move from there
just because
no offense to anyone living there it’s
to me was always the best u.s city at
least it was my favorite it went
downhill so so bad and i’m not willing
to wait the how many years it takes for
it to come around it will come around
i’m sure but
don’t want to do that so we’re in
florida and then we just moved up the
coast a bit um
in a more relaxed type place
so for me it’s just been a for us it’s
been a process of
policies and
ways of life and
works best for us so uh that’s been
interesting with 2021 as far as on a on
a global level that’s like that’s a
really deep topic it could go on forever
trends i’ve seen that are negative like
homelessness way up
mental health issues way up
there is a lot of fallout from this
pandemic that we will
that we’re already starting to see but
that will uh manifest more in the future
i i’m saddened when i see kids outside
in a mask
you know in nature stuff like that it’s
just it’s not
no matter what your take is on
everyone’s it’s a very touchy issue
but when it’s just ridiculous like
there’s no
zero chance and someone’s living in that
much fear it really saddens me and i
think there’s a consequence for that
all the division you know politically
you know that’s i i do believe it’s
somewhat of a i’m oversimplifying
everything but it’s it’s divide and
conquer strategy it’s
it’s worked throughout history and i
feel like there are some forces that
play that want to see us as society some
somewhat weak and
and people can benefit from that
sounds super conspiratorial uh but
that’s my only quick way of saying it
so all of those things at play i’m not
happy about um the good point is like i
said earlier is like a lot of the um
the the perceived reality is quite often
worse than the actual reality in a place
for example
whatever video you see online or
whatever news media you watch you can
i haven’t had problems connecting with
anyone it’s not like i walk out and
they’re like what political party are
you and i hate you or i like you i’m not
there’s like zero dealing with any of
so this talk of say civil war in the us
i don’t see it at all because
it’s too much of a culturally mixed up
there’s no like defining lines
necessarily like my neighbor could be
that one could be a republican and that
one could be a democrat
and it’s not like there’s um
i don’t know i don’t i just don’t see it
i don’t see it at all so on the positive
note i don’t think we’re going in that
uh on the negative one
i just got to go through this pandemic i
think and people need to get together my
wife and i have been going to florida
panthers games hockey games
i’ve grown playing hockey uh i’m not
like a big sports guy
she loves it like she’s got the jersey
bobrovsky jersey the hats everything
she’s yelling screaming very sweet and
nice and it’s nicest person but then you
get her at a hockey game and she’s full
full volume
screaming at
players and whatnot it’s great
but uh it’s fulfilled a need i think a
need just to be connected with other
and it it’s away from politics
it’s we’re all there to have fun
hockey to me is the most beautiful sport
to watch it’s like ballet
in aggression in one sport
uh i love hockey
i haven’t followed it forever but we’re
following it this year and honestly it’s
just covering this need of like
connecting with other people you know
giving the high five to the stranger
when you score
yelling together
it’s really just being with a lot of
people in a stadium that energy
i think the more of that that comes back
into society uh
i think we’ll like
bring the temperature down a bit
so that’s my assessment of 2021.
somewhat i have young people i promised
i wouldn’t swear because i promised some
parents that went swear because i
honestly don’t i want to keep you know
seven-year-olds to whatever to
seven-year-olds on this channel so
2021’s been a [ __ ]
show completely
hopefully better times ahead
most underrated country in each
continent according to you uh okay i’ll
say ukraine in europe is is underrated
indonesia and asia
middle east
these are just i’m i’m rapid firing
these i’m not thinking through them uh
south america colombia
north america i’m going to give the us i
think it’s underrated it gets uh it’s
it’s the big dog in the world
is uh there’s um
a changing let’s say in world order and
it won’t be the big dog forever
uh obviously there’s the rival china and
many metrics doing better or going in
the right direction where we’re going in
the wrong direction
um but it’s always
attractive i think whether that be
sports or countries or whatever
is to just chip away at the guy that you
was in
i’m not saying leading role as far as
culture or better than anyone else i
hate that stuff but as far as
america’s place in the world
information i find especially when
you’re in europe it’s negative about the
i i don’t know what that’s all about to
be honest and there are plenty of
problems here and there’s plenty of
things to be negative about here but
there are some special unique things
here that i’ve tried to bring out in my
videos and talk to you guys about
but for that reason i’d say the us is
the most underrated in the in the uh
in north america what else did i miss
uh australia well australia’s australia
that’s from my understanding they’re not
having the best year
so um
those are my ratings
okay the beast if everyone wants to
cover other countries and get an
in-depth view send a few dollars because
it’s not cheap all right thanks the
beast appreciate it
appreciate it
all right guys i appreciate all of you
this is the end of the year
uh recap and um
thanks for coming on the journey
i’m super grateful uh
for all of you it’s
exceeded all my expectations and dreams
i feel like i’m just getting started
feel like i’m just getting started this
next year is going to be amazing if you
got any ideas contact peter santaniello
dot com
or really interesting stories characters
whatever we we
go through everything um that comes
inbound we can’t get back to everyone
outbound just because we’re just two of
us um but i do read everything and um
that’s it merry christmas happy holidays
whatever you celebrate enjoy the
the end of this year try to take some
moments to
reflect and
i don’t know
remove the noise
and uh know that it’s
you know
we’re all being
on a heavier note being played to some
degree i feel and uh a lot of your
is a choice
so just guard that with everything you
watch my content but watch other
people’s content i’m only one angle in i
you know i’m not i’m not going to get
all sides of something
to be really well-rounded
try to go for people that are seeking
i think you all do
that that’s my number one goal in
everything is trying to seek truth it’s
a moving target what is truth a lot of
the times
my goal is not to push a a
a certain agenda or a political party
of course i have my views my ways
looking at the world
and uh
but just say hi to your your your fellow
your fellow man
uh be kind to people
enjoy your families your friends
and um
have a great new year okay
thanks so much bye-bye

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