Дарю бабушкам цветы! (International Babushka Day)

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This is a video about brightening a Babushka’s day! Last summer I was walking down the streets of Kyiv, Ukraine and gave flowers to a random Babushka. The frown-lines on her face cracked, and she responded with the most beautiful smile.

I realized it would be a positive things to get more people doing this. Hence the idea for this video, and the start of International Babushka Day on June 24th.

The reason I used the Russian word Babushka, is because everybody knows this word from Tajikistan to Estonia. And if there’s one word from from Eastern Europe that we all knew growing up in America, it was Babushka.

I want to connect with as many people as possible for this international event with this video; therefore I’ve decided to use the more commonly known word Babushka, instead of the Ukrainian word, Babusia.

At the end of the day, it’s not about the word or the language, it’s about lifting the day of someone who could really use it.

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two things I’ve been noticing lately
babushkas old grannies looking like they
could use some cheering up
and then walls these physical walls but
also the walls between all of us so I
have an experiment bit nervous don’t
really know where it’s gonna go but I’m
going to try to break down these walls
and well you’ll see
I don’t know I see Babu shkas every day
in the city
in this morning when we have the shoot
all I got was one angry Babs that hit
the flowers Bruce Lee once said now you
put water in a cup it becomes the cup
water can flow or it can crash be water
my friend geez and love Krishna the
other not creation
beautiful Bob we still on the bench I’m
going in
let’s you guys
that was definitely a rush and well bit
uncomfortable at times but guys super
cool today giving babushkas flowers on
the streets so I want to start holiday
June 24th International Babu shik a day
where we all all of us give flowers to
Bob Lucia’s old grannies on the streets
and whatever city you’re in
whatever street you’re on whatever town
you’re in around the world let’s fire
these old ladies up seriously it was
like a pretty you for experience it’s a
little bit uncomfortable I’m not gonna
lie it’s a little bit uncomfortable but
the feeling you get afterwards is is
super rewarding okay do it

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