Cowboys of West Texas (o6 Ranch)

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Far out past the shopping malls and the city lights sits the o6 Ranch where time has somewhat frozen. Here they’re holding onto the traditional ways where the cowboys are up early with the moon still in the sky… spending their days on horseback. Join me as we learn about this fascinating way of life out at the ranch that the local cowboys are fighting hard to preserve.

O6 Ranch:

– Day two on the ranch.
Loving it so far.
When you get up early,
like I did this morning,
and you see the big expanses,
you get on the open road,
there are no cars around.
I’m not doing the work,
but I can see the draw.
There’s a very pure side to this.
It’s very wholesome.
Really nice, down to earth people.
So I’m enjoying this one, guys.
– Good morning. How are you?
I’m Maddie. I’m Steven’s girlfriend.
– Oh, nice to meet you.
– Nice to meet you too.
– Hi, I’m Madison.
– Addison?
– This is Madison.
– Madison.
– Madison.
– [Peter] Okay.
– Slash, cutter. Do you
know what a cutter is?
– [Peter] No.
– I show cutting horses,
so it’s basically,
you put some cattle in the arena,
and they’ll give you a time
of two minutes and 30 seconds,
so I’ll take my horse
out there in the arena
and try to cut one cow,
and keep it, like, out.
– [Peter] What do you
mean cut? Like lace it up?
– No, so I’ll like bring it out and like,
keep it away from the herd.
– As you observed cattle yesterday…
– Yeah.
– Remember how they
wanted to get back to the herd?
– [Peter] Yes. Yes.
– It’s instinctive.
– This is what-
– So you go against
their instincts.
– Oh, cool.
– And the horse does it all by itself,
and I just keep my hand
down, and just let him do it.
And they love it.
– You know,
you wanna breed your
horses with that instinct.
– Okay.
– Yes. So that’s how they-
– Kind of a cat mouse type of thing.
And you are ranked what in the world?
– Right now, I was sitting
9th, but since I haven’t shown,
I’m sitting 15th, but I’ll go back in June
and try to get up there again.
– Wow.
– When you’re untying these horses.
– [Peter] Okay.
– Don’t get your finger in here
because if he sets back,
he’s gonna cut it off.
– [Peter] Like that.
– It’s got a safety lace now,
where it’s gonna come undone,
but like that horse,
sometimes he’ll set back,
and you get a horse that’s
1100 pounds setting back.
– [Peter] Uh-huh.
– There’s going be…
– There you go.
This is Cowboy.
– Cowboy.
Do they sense fear really well, horses?
– Yes.
– Okay. I’m not scared at all.
Is it still the honeymoon
period out here in West Texas?
– No. We’re way past that.
– We got over that real quick.
– [Peter] All right. So here’s the story.
Maddie and Steven are
a nice, lovely couple,
and Maddie moved from Dallas a year ago.
– Yep.
– [Peter] What’s the draw
out here, other than Steven?
What’s the draw of west Texas?
Do you like the big spaces or…?
– Yeah, it’s just a
totally different pace.
I find myself going back to
Dallas and I’ll get anxiety,
like on the way there, you know?
– [Peter] Right.
– ‘Cause it’s just a
totally different lifestyle,
and I mean, you still get
a little taste of city life
’cause of Alpine.
– Sure.
– And there’s a college there,
so it’s still happening,
but it’s much nicer and calmer out here.
– The o6 brand.
Dawn just gave me the o6…
This is, you said, the
more gangster version hat?
o6 hat?
– [Dawn] Yeah. It suits you.
– Suits me?
I don’t know if that’s a
compliment, but I’ll take it.
Is this your horse, or do
you ride whatever horse?
– I save my show horses for the arena
’cause I don’t wanna hurt them,
so they stay at home and
I just borrow a horse
when I’m out here.
– Chris, we’re going to higher elevation.
That’s what we’re doing with the cattle?
– Ah, we’re going to another water source.
– [Peter] Okay.
– Best job I ever had.
Best job I ever will have.
– [Peter] So you’re not
thinking of moving to Dallas,
working for a corporation?
– [Peter] 40 hours a week.
Steven, you got a promotion next year.
– Man. That sounds terrible.
– We had some people out here
and kind of friends, friends,
and they had some business in New Jersey,
and so they brought some
of their friends out.
This lady was riding, and
she had never ridden before,
and so kind of went through
the process helping her,
and we’re out on cattle and so forth,
and I said to her, about
three days into it,
I said, “Well, what do you think of this?”
And she says, “I think
you people work too hard.”
And I said, “Well, ma’am,
we’re just trying to bring
you the best ribeye we can.”
And she kind of whinged,
and I saw she was uncomfortable with that,
and later in the day, she
walked up to me and she goes,
“I know you think I’m kind
of a wussy about that.
I just like to think that all my protein
comes from a beautiful garden.”
– She doesn’t eat meat?
– She was eating meat.
– [Peter] Okay.
– But she doesn’t wanna think about it.
– [Peter] Oh. Okay.
– So a lot of people
don’t want to think about
what goes from here to their plate.
– [Peter] Right.
– There’s an uncomfortable
factor in between there,
there’s a lot of steps in between.
– [Peter] Why is that, do you think?
– I think it’s like anything.
We don’t want to think
about what goes into war.
We don’t want to think
about what goes into…
you know, it’s not a pretty thing.
– Yeah.
– But it’s a necessary thing.
This is how humans have existed for
as long as you want to think
humans have walked the Earth.
– Right.
– You know.
– [Peter] And then to truly be against it,
you’d have to not have a
leather couch or leather shoes
or nail polish.
– Right.
Have you bonded yet?
– Have we bonded?
The horse is breaking me.
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Now back to the video.
Maybe I’ll get out and let
you drive over the hill.
– Okay.
– No, no, no.
You need to drive.
– Okay.
– [Peter] I’ll…
– He’s hazing me.
– I’ll be…
I’ll be the driving instructor.
– He’s putting me through
pledgeship right now.
– [Peter] Future cowgirl or not Steven?
– Camp cook, maybe, one day.
When I told my parents I was moving,
I took them out to
dinner, I was so nervous,
and my dad, I guess he just
loves Steven and trusts him,
and I was blown away at
how supportive they were,
’cause I’m the first one to leave.
– [Peter] You fell in love with a cowboy?
– Yeah.
– City girl falls in love with a cowboy.
– [Maddie] Yeah.
– [Peter] What’s the draw about
the cowboy man these days?
– Well it’s not even
like the cowboy thing.
It’s, he’s just like an old soul,
and I definitely had to pursue him.
– Okay.
– But I met him
and I was like, that’s
who I wanna end up with.
He’s like busy cowboying.
He wasn’t gonna go after a Dallas girl.
– Steven wasn’t hanging out
in the Dallas nightclubs
looking for his future mate.
– I did take him to a club one
time, and it was hilarious.
He did not know what to do with himself.
– [Peter] Chris, is this
an easy herding so far?
How’s it going?
– So far, yeah, it’s easy.
– [Peter] Except for that one.
(country music)
– [Peter] So are you proud
to be part of the o6?
– Yes.
Well, when I moved out here,
I became part of the family immediately,
and it was the coolest thing,
and going to town, everybody knows the o6
and the Lacy family.
– [Peter] Everybody knows
the o6 across Texas.
– Yeah.
– [Peter] When I was talking
to different ranchers
in south Texas and other
parts, they knew the o6.
– And, I think it’s ’cause these horses
are really sought after,
because of the climate they grow up in
and they’re really, like this, the rock,
is really hard on their feet,
so if you take a horse like this
and you take it to South
Texas, where the dirt’s soft,
it’s just like a really hardy horse,
and I think that’s why
they’re so sought after.
– [Peter] Steven’s got the rope here.
I guess that’s just, they
know what that means,
so they’re just getting in line.
Look at this expanse, guys.
This is all the o6 ranch.
Alpine, Texas over there. A small town.
And then the Mexican
border about an hour south.
– [Peter] I’m your newest employee.
– We’ll pay you what you’re worth.
– [Peter] 6 cents an hour.
– The o6.
– [Peter] They hump a lot, huh?
There’s a lot of humping going on here.
– Just before I met Steven, I had no idea
that this old school kind of
cowboy lifestyle still existed.
When I thought of roundups,
I thought, you know,
helicopters and four wheelers.
I think the o6’s reputation has remained
because they still do
everything very traditionally,
where they brand the cattle
and drag them to the fire
and all that, and they haven’t adapted
and switched over to helicopters,
’cause I guess that that’s a lot easier,
but this is the way
they’ve always done it,
so it’s a traditional thing.
– Yeah.
So what I see from the outside is yeah,
you could have the
helicopters and technology
make it easier,
but then you’re forfeiting the lifestyle.
– Yeah.
– And there’s something
cool about getting up early
this morning.
– Totally.
– And going under the moon.
– Totally.
– And just, there’s
probably something really
almost like meditative about doing this
when you’re on the horses and
working with the cows and…
– And they’re all related.
Like, this is a family feel.
– [Peter] Right? It’s good family bonding.
– Which is so cool.
They’ve all stayed out here.
Like Madison, I don’t
think she’ll ever leave.
She doesn’t act like it, but
she’s a total bada**, you know,
– [Peter] I can tell.
– Like she gets out there
and she gets after it.
– I could tell.
There’s those people that
just, well they all do,
they just look super natural on a horse.
– Yeah.
– Where, when I’m on a horse,
it’s not natural at all.
– Yeah.
– It’s uncomfortable for everyone.
(hooves clomping)
(cowboy growling)
(cowboy whistling)
– My mom was giving me a hard
time for feeding out a cow
and then taking it to
Marfa to get processed,
’cause she goes to the
store and buys her steaks
from the butcher,
but I read this book, it’s
called “How Not To Die”
and it basically talks
about eliminating meat
because you can’t control the quality,
but here, I feed this cow,
and I know that it hasn’t
been shot full of antibiotics
and all that crud,
and so to me, that’s like my
version of eating more clean.
– [Peter] Okay.
– And I feel good about it,
’cause, you know, I
know exactly what it ate
and it went straight from
the processor to my freezer,
– [Peter] Sure.
– It’s nice to know exactly
what you’re putting in your body
and that’s what this book was all about,
but it was like,
“The only way you can control what you eat
is if you grow your own food,”
and that’s gonna be, my next
step, is to start a garden.
But I can even kill a cactus,
so we’re gonna have to…
Everyone’s biggest fear is that
a developer’s gonna come in
and try and build a big development
where you see all those
cookie cutter houses out here,
and that’s just, part of the day-by-day
is trying to preserve
this piece of nature.
– So, Yellowstone,
though it’s a Hollywood
version of this culture, right,
there’s a lot of probably more
crime than typically exists.
– Yeah.
– You’re saying they got
it right with everyone,
with capturing that, like,
they’re just trying to preserve their land
and their way of life.
– Yeah, I think so.
Steven kind of cringes at some
of the scenes in Yellowstone
’cause it’s unrealistic,
but I think they do kind
of nail that on the head,
where the developer comes in
and he’s trying to put a
resort right next to them.
I mean, that’s every
rancher’s worst nightmare.
– And then there’s the battle of,
they could be super
wealthy if they wanted,
and just sell out, sell
their ranch, right.
– Mm-hmm.
– Make a ton of money.
But then what are they gonna do?
Just buy a house and watch TV?
– Right.
– And the lifestyle completely goes away.
– And this is what drives them.
This is tradition out here,
so I don’t see that ever happening.
– [Peter] You see this
going away at all or no?
– I don’t. No.
Steven and I wake up every day
and we just feel so lucky
to be here, you know?
So, so long as the ranch is
here, we hope to be here.
– [Peter] So this is your morning commute
versus sitting in traffic in Dallas?
– Yes, and that’s what I tell people.
I’m like, it takes me 27
minutes to get to town
and it would take me
that long to get to work,
but I’d just be sitting
in traffic, you know?
– Yeah.
– Instead,
there’s some odd aoudad
running next to me on my way,
or like a little group of baby pigs.
– So guys,
I think we’re ending up right
on beyond this null here
to a water tank.
This ranch is so massive
that there’s a constant
process of moving cattle
between better water situations.
As you can see, it’s quite dry.
Without rains, it’s, I guess,
a little more challenging
with where they can drink.
(country music)
(cattle braying)
This is the end stop?
– [Peter] So you hold them…
– [Peter] And they figure it out?
So we just take ’em to it so they can-
– [Peter] They smell water.
– Yes.
– [Peter] What do you call it
when you bring the cattle up?
Is it a run?
– It’s kinda like, we call
it a drive around here.
– [Peter] Okay. So how
was that drive around?
Was that a good one?
– It was good. Yeah.
The weather was good. It was nice today.
– [Peter] No challenges?
– Yeah. No challenges.
They’re pretty easy.
They’re a lot easier than the
other cattle that we’ve had.
– [Peter] You love the
cowgirl way of life?
I used to play sports,
but I decided to just stay with
horses and stick with them.
– [Peter] What do you get out of it
when you’re out here in
nature, moving cattle?
– It’s nice.
I get away from social, like everything,
and just out here in the open.
I love coming out here.
Just staying out here too at the ranch
just get away from
everything for a little bit.
(Peter laughing)
– [Peter] That was an easy one?
– [Peter] What do you
think people don’t know,
say living on the coasts,
living in San Francisco,
New York City, Los Angeles,
what do they not know about
this lifestyle, this culture?
– I think people are quick to
judge us from TV or something,
just kind of like we’re
quick to judge them.
– [Peter] Okay.
– You know what I mean?
– [Peter] Okay.
– Because like-
– [Peter] Fair enough.
– I mean like, “Oh,
you’re from San Francisco,
you must be this.”
People think out here we like
to NASCAR, and just like…
– [Peter] Throw trash on the
side of the road type stuff?
– [Peter] And you’re
choosing to do this. Right?
You could-
– That’s right.
– [Peter] You have a higher education.
You could go to an
office job if you wanted.
– [Peter] Like, smart in
emotional intelligence,
they understand life?
– [Peter] The cowboy bug.
– [Peter] Yeah.
They’re hippies in their own way.
You know, maybe not have
like the tie dye t-shirts
and the long hair, and wanna
like drop acid and stuff,
but their approach on the land,
and how it should be taken care of, and,
I’m not very good at describing it, but…
You spend time around
both, and you’ll see it.
You know what I mean?
– [Peter] I’ve noticed
during COVID, they’re very similar too.
– They’re similar.
– [Peter] They’re like,
everyone, just stay away from me
and don’t tell me what to do.
– And hippies and cowboys been
saying that for a long time.
So they’re just ahead
of the curve, really.
– Sometimes.
– [Steven] I know this one was about $15.
– Yeah. Did you see the high tech?
– [Peter] Well that one-
– This is, it’s got the ventilation
and what’s all the terms that are…
– [Peter] It’s natural ventilation.
– Yeah.
– Yeah.
The nice back ventilation there.
– It’s so nice.
– [Mattie] Time to retire that one.
– [Peter] You need to stop abusing him.
I think that’s the problem here.
– Yeah, yeah, yeah. That’s right.
That’s for my girlfriend.
– [Peter] Yeah.
– I’m gonna start hiding now.
– It’s on camera now.
– But seriously, though,
you do want, when you’re out here,
you gotta dress for it.
– Yeah.
– And you gotta
have a long sleeve,
and you gotta have.
– But I mean-
– Some ranch pants.
– And those are nice.
Are those custom boots, or how do those?
– Yes.
– Okay.
Wait, wait. They’re o6 boots?
– [Dawn] Yeah.
– Jasper come here.
– Jasper.
– Jasper.
– Jasper.
– Jasper, come here.
– Can I see those?
– Come here. Jasper.
– [Peter] Oh yeah.
– [Maddie] Jasper.
– [Peter] Let’s try it again.
o6 boots.
– They’ve seen a little…
A few bushes.
– [Peter] They have stories.
– They have stories.
– Hold onto…
– Yeah.
Come on, Stinky.
– Perfect.
Fantastic work.
– There we go. Yeah.
– So we need to get you some leggings.
They call them ranch pants.
– [Peter] Okay.
But the boots are a big
part of the uniform.
Super important, huh?
– Yep.
– What does a nice pair of boots cost?
– [Madison] These are around $400.
– [Dawn] And you can go, the sky is limit,
if you’re talking custom made boots.
– Yeah, I got.
– o6 spurs.
– [Dawn] Different leathers and so forth.
– [Peter] So you can spend
thousands if you wanted to.
– Oh, thousands. Thousands.
A good working boot is probably, what,
about $600-$800 dollars now?
But if you get into fine leathers,
you’re into the thousands.
You get a last, and they…
If you wanna redo your boots
or if you want some new ones,
they’ll just send ’em to you in a box,
’cause they already got your size.
– Once you’re in, you’re in,
you know, like every club.
– Yeah, trying to fit
in with the cool kids.
– And you send a check, that helps.
(group laughing)
Cowboys here, they’re such gentlemen,
and they have good manners,
and their children.
I let my hair go gray
and I haven’t opened a door in 10 years.
And then you get out into the big world
and you go to the airport,
and a man steps in front
of you, and you’re like,
“Are you ill?”
– [Peter] You need to teach them.
– What’s the matter with you?
– [Peter] You need to teach them, Dawn.
Thank you guys so much
for bringing us into the o6.
Chris. Thank you.
– You bet.
– It was an honor.
– Good to see you.
– Thank you so much. Thank you so much.
– [Dawn] It’s good to spend time.
– Steven.
– Good to meet you. Yes sir.
– Yes.
– Good to meet you.
– Thank you so much.
– Thank you.
– Oh. Hug.
There we go.
All right guys. End of the story.
– [Dawn] Happy trails.
– [Chris] Take care.
– Happy trails.
– Make us look good.
– You guys are looking great.
You made the story.
(Chris laughing)
– So, thanks for coming along guys.
What an amazing experience,
coming into a ranch.
It was a first for me.
I think a first for a lot of you
to see the inter workings of
how these operations function.
What a cool family.
I also want to mention
they are selling horses,
some of the best horses in
the West, I’ve been told.
Link is down below. They have a website.
The o6 ranch website.
You can reach out to Dawn.
And I’m gonna be going all the
way up the West, to Montana,
and stopping in New Mexico, and Colorado,
and Idaho, along the way,
to get different aspects
of this ranching culture.
I wanna also offer you
more of a window in.
Leave your name and email below.
I’ll send you very interesting information
pertaining to cowboys, and ranchers,
and future series that we get into.
I wanna send you more
detailed behind the scenes,
more research type stuff,
free of charge.
I’m not sending you any
spam or anything like that.
Thanks again for coming
along, until the next one.

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