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Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan to Almaty, Kazakhstan by car. A road trip with Zamir and an interesting border crossing.

yeah no we don’t need money just a swim
leaving Bishkek going to Almaty and here
is the process I’m in a taxi now but
we’re going to another taxi and you get
a shared car basically with a driver
once it fills up with people you leave
okay and she’s helping me she’s helped
me find the right guy in negotiate
you don’t know the prices you most
mostly can get screwed so I asked her to
do something creature here yes he come
yet [ __ ] [ __ ] illusion they’re connected
like aspen trees everybody knows
sometimes there’s infighting sometimes
they help each other out so that was
pretty easy he said go to this guy
what’s up it’s zero zero nobody’s on
this ride and I gotta get to the airport
in all Monty it’s I got to be there by
5:30 so if we do leave in two hours like
he said as possible that’s that’s a
no-go that’s a Mis flight situation I
thought there would be many many people
there aren’t
we got to fill this thing up
up and then we go
bekata okay [ __ ] festivals and Zamir
Peter Peter ocean Prerna Scotch as Amati
customs group other questions yeah time
to tell et cetera chaser so motion be
tamati a tree the treat yourself Tommo
is the poster costume
there’s just stuff Oh Watson start over
brother Samia he’s a class guy
good evening wooden he would a funeral
Samantha was gone for the heart sale in
the beginning but then he was really
warmed up like we got a good shopper
have a show today
Samira too soft for me to deal he said
he’ll drive me alone to the airport in
El Monte for $65 it’s roughly 5 hours to
drive and I love the experiences of
filling the car up and in connecting
with random people but I definitely
messed this situation up and came too
late this morning so don’t do that if
you’re going mr. cartel mati
it’s from what he’s saying to it early
in the morning I’m gonna take zoom ears
zamira merit okay okay these palms he
doesn’t have to wait and he gets the
full price yeah off off to the border
just for the record the care use do you
drive a little mad
I will say it’s a very peaceful it feels
very peaceful on the streets but I feel
like all the aggression is let out
behind the the steering wheel in the gas
pedal this mirrors trying to poke
through this intersection
nice and an auto show getting close to
the Cossack order and I made the fatal
mistake of giving money first he wanted
he wanted it all and I gave him I got a
weird feeling right now there’s a bit of
a scam going on ads in I don’t see him
on the other side of the border because
I gotta go through customs he’s got to
go through his car so this should be
we got a weird feeling normally always
get money at the end with taxi drivers I
kind of always do that in since we don’t
have anyone in the vehicle I thought
well he needs some gas money
I’ll give him half upfront I wasn’t
really on my a-game so we’ll see if I
see Sameer on the other side
and right beyond that flag is Kazakhstan
that menya Moy Pinky Dinky Doo gaya
Kazakhstan da da da da
teach it sir
typical awake
yes Lucia all sherry problems yes I got
that totally wrong I thought
I thought he was scamming me and he’s
not it’s really cool but I’ve heard of a
lot of people getting scammed at this
border and so I do have a history here I
have a very interesting history Steele
had a show specific 16 years ago I was
traveling with a friend of mine I was
traveling with a friend of mine and we
got to the other side
and I lost lost him his name’s Gavin and
we were the share taxi many people in it
and we didn’t know where he went we
waited for like an hour and so this one
lady is very tough authoritative type
woman went looking for well we all went
looking for him and then she found him
in a car in the back of a car with this
smoking-hot woman I was like a
supermodel he said and two militia two
policemen and they were trying to
extract money out of them so they
wouldn’t let him leave the car but he
said it was this interesting situation
where he’s in the back of a car with a
smoking-hot woman and you know they’re
just sort of hanging out so that was 16
years ago here I think things have
cleaned up quite a bit from my
experiences so far in these two
countries this trip way easier to get
okay sure Siwon had a show it’s all good
yeah yeah that’s how you see any in
Sichuan just one just one the very
friendly border agent says 116 years ago
I came through here and it was totally
different seriously bro my friend is
like held hostage over there seriously
to Malizia guys put him in the back of
the car wanted money all right bro
Kazakhstan is definitely much different
this time coming in take care bro
very cool I mean I’ve never been to a
border where they said yeah put your
camera up and take footage if you are so
cool the changes in the world like
everything’s always changing it’s either
getting better or worse and I would say
this this border in Kazakhstan in
general is on the much better trend and
as far as letting tourists in like
before it was create was super hard to
get visas it was a pain in the ass you
need to do all this documentation and
now it’s
simple no visa just ride on a little
piece of paper to go through in like ten
there’s the Marisa mirrors calling me
zinnia see how to show all is good
200 kilometers 120 miles from Amonte not
between the two cities this wide
expansive spaces
highway stop for lunch probably the
coolest looking money Kozik what does it
Tangut that okey-dokey who shot
Safia I was thinking the the local
restaurants they have off the main road
he just brought me to like a truck stop
that place
okay for a little dining experience guys
roadside cafe middle of nowhere
Oh spits it amuses you could it chicken
no no chicken cheese okay boys no
addenda spasiba vincible
boy Shawn Peter yeah
oh sure the Goodyear America it’s got a
visa to the US cool that’s good oh yeah
duh California Kazakhstan is Seacole II
Bishkek gotcha gotcha see sliver a
guys I’m not gonna lie this is very
difficult uncomfortable shooting footage
to get the reason I’m doing it is
because I want to bring you in close to
the action close to the real live close
to the hospitality I always talk about I
always try to explain it to people but
it’s one thing to talk another thing to
show so that’s that’s the whole reason
but it’s really uncomfortable because
some people obviously don’t want a
camera on their face which is totally
understand what are they boys now no
okay no that I’ll show you Lima Winky
big or small big big the Volvo say two
big ones so what I was saying is and
some people I really don’t like the
camera in their face
so it’s this crazy balance of getting it
up to the people that don’t mind and
hiding it from the people that do mind
and like the woman she
the woman that worked there she didn’t
want the camera so I had to take it down
it was a little uncomfortable but again
the whole reason is just show you guys
the real life it’s what I’ve it’s my
mission to show true authentic moments
I hope that works I had to put the
camera down a bunch okay it’s gonna
Oshin who’s nakusha very delicious food
it was like it was like an empanada
it’s basically what it was what’s very
interested in this part of the world is
the Soviet Union comprised of 15
countries and there’s some sameness
about them but there they also have
their own unique identities so the Stan
country is there’s five of them and
they’re all different but there’s some
like rusev occation feeling and you feel
in all of them and then you can go to
Estonia that’s a completely different
world it’s much more European so after
traveling in this part of the world long
enough you come to realize
it’s it’s crazy it stayed together as
long as it did because it has so many
cultures such expansive territory so
many languages 20 different languages
or were in the former Soviet Union are
in the former Soviet units so
but alive 70ish odd years I don’t know
how it kept together because Kazakhstan
and Kyrgyzstan have a lot of
similarities they’re different but then
you take Kazakhstan and Estonia or
Georgia and those are different worlds
completely known yet yet partially
yeah it’s really fascinating
this part of the world is often
overlooked it means
one of my favorites in my favor
because it’s not in it’s not at all what
we were taught for sure we were taught
Moscow that you know the look was great
apartment buildings and skies in Moscow
it wasn’t
massive mountains
different cultures that’s for sure
and so there’s the process of passing
trucks where he can’t see what’s around
the truck and I can’t and it’s been a
and pulling out and me seeing something
on coming
we’re not getting on here
you just got into Almaty and another
city where the mountains just kick out
of it
a bottie roughly 2 million people
you can’t see here on this street in
this area but it’s in general much
better off financially than Mishka you
can feel it and that’s because they have
lots L do I’ve heard it’s quite corrupt
some of that filters down into the in
the city into the infrastructure Samiha
3 parish or tennis or the liquor facade
okay okay
cheese sliver that’s all what’s up
what’s up
okay guys if you like that please please
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this is more my unfiltered just random
what I’ve run into not much editing
stuff so thanks for coming along hope
you like that

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