Big Update For My Followers

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Guys! I have a Big Update I want to share with you all. Plus some info on the upcoming Native series.


-What’s up, you guys?
I have a very special announcement
about this channel
about this platform, about this mission,
and if you stay until the end,
I have a very special offer for all of you.
Okay, so most of you know me
for my Sunday videos every week
but really that’s almost
a small percentage of what’s going on.
There’s a huge world behind the scenes
and I get asked about it all of the time.
“Peter, what is it like
going into these neighborhoods?”
“Do you ever feel on edge?”
or like, “How are you applying
this knowledge to your life?”
“How can I go to places like this?”
A million other questions.
So I’m having an event.
I’m having an event
in New York City, November 17th,
8:00 Eastern Standard Time.
Maybe you can’t go to New York City,
most people won’t be able to.
Not a problem, it’s going to be online too.
So you can watch it live online
at the same time.
Be part of the event.
Okay, who’s gonna be there,
what’s it about?
Shloime’s gonna be there
from the Hasidic Jewish series.
Cash is gonna be there,
Cashmere from East New York.
Both dynamic, interesting,
fascinating characters.
Really good guys.
We’re gonna be on stage,
we’ll have, I think 120 in the audience.
We’re gonna go into depth.
What is it like making these videos?
You know, how was
our interactions at first?
You know, I’m coming into
the Hasidic Jewish world as a non-Jew.
Like, what was that like at first?
Or, you know, what was
Cash’s impressions of this bald dude
that comes in with a camera,
looks like a cop,
into his neighborhood, you know?
What was that like for him?
Anyways, we’re gonna go through
a lot more of the nuance and details
behind video making and just
living an adventuresome lifestyle.
Getting out of your comfort zone a little
and I’m super pumped
to connect with you guys.
If there’s one thing I’d say
that’s a pitfall with YouTube
it’s that I can see your comments online.
Those are fantastic, I really love them
but I can’t connect
one-on-one, face-to-face.
So that’s what this event is about.
It’s gonna be a lot of fun.
There’s gonna be an after party
if you’re in New York City.
There’s gonna be a digital after party
online if you’re watching from, look…
Cleveland, you can watch from Dubai,
Bangkok, wherever you’re at.
This thing is available to you.
I’ve made the ticket prices
pretty low online.
So it’s easy for most people
to be able to get one if they’d like.
Okay, “What drives me also?”.
I get that asked a lot.
People are asking
what’s driving me to make this content.
And really, it’s after traveling the world.
85 countries, living in 5
and coming back to the states, right?
After the pandemic started
and seeing the narratives that were told
through the media,
through the mainstream media
and then seeing things
on the ground for myself
and seeing a large disconnect
with a lot of it.
And it’s really that messaging
that fuels me to make this content.
I just want to…
I want to do something better
for the world instead of do more
divisive, polarizing-type content
and I think that’s why
a lot of you are here, right?
You find…
You don’t want to live that way.
It’s not a fun way to live, right?
And you want to, um…
You know, I’ll get into some
sticky topics from time to time for sure.
I mean the story goes
where the story’s gonna go
but you want to connect.
You know that there’s
a lot of good out there
and there’s a lot
that we’re not being told.
So that’s the overall mission.
It’s much greater than me.
The goal is to make it much greater
than me and it’s really about you guys.
You guys are the fuel to this thing.
Without you watching or supporting,
there’s no way I could make this content.
Just not possible.
So this event is really about you.
Gonna take a lot of your questions
and have a lot of fun.
Link is down below, got a page down there.
So you can buy your in-person
if you’re in New York.
You can buy your online tickets.
You can buy your after party tickets.
Okay, and now the big thing.
The big thing you’ve all been waiting for.
The giveaway.
All right, so that’s two tickets
within the United States, continental US…
No, all of US.
I gotta add Alaska, Alaska’s given
so much to me with that series.
I’m gonna do a Hawaii series
next year hopefully.
So anywhere in the US,
two tickets to New York City.
Two nights in a hotel room.
Okay, I’ll put you up in a nice hotel,
not the Holiday Inn.
I’ll put you up in the hotel that I’m in
which I haven’t figured out yet but I will.
Two tickets to the show
and the after party,
and then breakfast with me
the morning after.
I would love to get to know you.
Again, it’s like I don’t have much real,
in the flesh contact with my audience
and I want more of it.
That’s a lot of what this event’s about
and I get it, if you’re online,
it’s the next best thing, you know?
Best thing would be to be there,
next best, watch online.
All right, guys, what else do I got for ya?
Grand Canyon’s up there.
Just finished three weeks of traveling.
6,000 miles of driving
in this series about…
It’s about natives, right?
That’s a whole lesson I’ve learned.
What do you call Native,
Native American, First Nations, Indians?
Everyone sort of has
a different answer to that one.
Which has been an interesting discovery.
They’re more into being called Crow,
Lakota, Zuni, Navajo, their actual tribe.
But there’ll be some
of this information at the event too.
I want to talk about this series because
it’s been the most difficult
to capture for sure, by far
but some of the most rewarding content.
There’s been very little stuff
online that I’ve found
where there’s this connection between
the non-native and the native world, right?
In a way where it’s not done
like a documentary.
Here’s a ceremony and there’s a narrator.
That stuff is all very cool
but I’m really trying to remove
the distance between all of us.
Like, show how you could connect easily
with someone from
one of these tribes and it…
While getting a camera on them,
that’s a different story
but connecting and having a conversation,
it’s been awesome.
Okay, so…
That series finishing up.
That will be posting here soon on YouTube.
Seven or eight part series
and it’s really the tip of the iceberg.
Got so much more to go on that.
All right, guys,
it’s just the start of this.
One last thing I want to mention,
I made this content all over the place
and people ask, “Hey, you go
to the hoods and then you’re like…”
“…going to the border, and then you’re,
you know, going to the natives and…”
“you know, you’re on an island in Alaska.”
“You’re not one sort of thing.”
and the reason that is,
is ’cause I want this to last.
Actually I want myself to last.
Because I won’t if I just did, like,
every video is about Hasidic Jews
or every video is about natives
or whatever it might be.
I would burn out eventually.
I love all these topics
but the fact that I’m going wide
allows me to keep curious,
and interested, and fresh.
Takes a lot of energy to make these videos
and I have to be interested in the content.
And thank you guys
for following me on this…
A little bit of a wacky journey.
I get it, it’s sort of all over the place
but the end goal is
to connect with the locals.
Hear from them.
I don’t come in with my narrative,
telling them what they…
You know, editing what they gotta say
and pushing a narrative.
I’m opening up to them.
So guys, the event, come.
Watch online.
Tickets down below.
Thank you all so much.
Without you, none of this would happen.
Really appreciate you.
Until the next one.

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