A MESSAGE to IRAN from an AMERICAN (زیرنویس فارسی)

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Iran and America. The vast majority of Americans and Iranians don’t want a conflict. A war between the two countries benefits nobody.

and when I say the good fortune of
traveling to Iran and most people let’s
say from the Western world would say how
is that good fortune and I would respond
well if you want to go to a culture and
meet a people that are hospitable kind
open loving willing to give you
everything that could be a meal a place
to stay their thoughts their time that
Iran is it’s at the top it’s one of
those places in the world that offers
this warm warm beautiful feeling of
humanity are there crazy shitty people
in Iran too of course
it’s part of the human species but the
vast majority of the people I
encountered in your country of Iran or
amazing to me and that’s why I’m
compelled to tell this video or make
this video as we all know Iran is all
over the news right now
it’s all over Western media and I don’t
want to get political with this because
everyone else is but what I do want to
say is the story that hasn’t been told
so much is the one of how Iranian people
are getting so marginalized right now
and their voices are not heard
an example is sanctions so your country
has been squeezed very hard I was there
in November and I saw first hand you
know the impact and the fallout from
these sanctions and how people’s lives
you know in the middle class we’re going
to the lower class the lower class going
to the streets people’s food prices
doubling not I’ve received so many
messages of people not being able to
afford medicine for their families
people dying because of this it’s
horrible and that’s not the story that’s
ever told so when I hear by my
politicians some of them saying you know
there’s all this success with sanctions
I question what is what does success
mean what’s the definition here is the
average person getting screwed over yes
is that successful not in my eyes is the
very wealthy or top level politicians
are they getting screwed over by
sanctions no they have plenty of money
for the rest of life
so this drone strike happened the other
day the downing of the drone and now
there’s all the all this talk of war and
I just I’ve been thinking of the
Iranians I know the people I met the
culture I was in and I can’t imagine the
stress this brings into your life just
knowing that there could be a war and
the stress of financially getting
pinched very hard I know every American
I know has no interest in a war with
Iran and most people if they knew what
was happening to the everyday person
in Iran would have a lot of sympathy
because nobody deserves us again I’m
gonna stay out of the politics there’s
bigger forces at play that determine how
world events happen
I just want to connect with you guys to
let you know that you’re not forgotten
you’re being thought of you will get
through this Persian culture has gotten
through thousands of years of history
there’s some road dogs up there I gotta
watch out
I mean Ukraine at the moment in Keith
but Persian culture has been is gone
through thousands of years of history it
will survive no matter what happens and
it’s easy for me to say from the outside
but I just want to let you know that I
sending my thoughts my love my care and
I know a lot of other people feel the
same way so that’s about all I can do at
the moment I made videos of your country
though to to show people this beautiful
part of your culture that I’m talking
about so with that I wish you to find
some peace as hard as that could be I
can’t imagine finding peace in these
circumstances but you know tribal
together being there for one of them one
another which you guys do really well
and knowing that there are definitely
better days ahead okay thanks for thanks
for watching this

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