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Come along with me on this very adventurous journey to Pakistan, one of the most interesting and friendly countries on the planet! Filmed Dec. 2019

it’s pretty unbelievable they’re letting
me film here india-pakistan no going
back by India
you were wonderful you were beautiful
hello Pakistan so as far as surreal
borders goes this this one is on the top
I’ve been told there’s a train coming a
train I was wondering how a train was
gonna come down this road but nice to
what they’re talking about off in the
distance there we have a little
choo-choo train that you see it like a
fun part I am a doctor trained doctor
Wow that’s technical
very funny good good see this is am I
yeah you’re amazing we doing a great job
yeah people packing up we need to go
over to India
yeah brother
Pakistan zindabad zindabad only to hand
Pakistan zindabad Pakistan zindabad
welcome to Pakistan this is a surprise
for you surprise
what I’ve done the first time first time
to Pakistan yeah guys we’re in
for some reason I thought it would be a
little less crazy than in here
Lawrence traffic
everything on top of everything
two three okay bye-bye first moments
outside of the hotel the horror Pakistan
and got to say
bit nervous
excited today we’re going to go into the
center into the walled city of Lahore
and this is the old city two thousand
years old
and the goal is to show you some of the
beauty but really to get you into the
culture to get you on the streets to
show you what the people are alive so
how will it go I like
Gaddafi Stadium station
now we’re gonna get on the bus and we’re
here to go into the city
how are you I am
you work in the Metro Metro bus to open
this door sir
so you open and close the doors on that
station thank you brother
yeah okay
here we are
Salam alaikum
Salam alaikum gentle pat town nothing at
the border that was a serious pat-down
it was a serious all up in there type
experience very intimate let’s call it
right hey Emily coupe nice to meet you a
I knew this place to be interesting
right off the gun
nice hat is that a good hit
what is this here you know this is the
old wall yeah the old wall of Lahore
look at the beautiful yeah
okay Mughal era
I guess the moguls are the ones that
really built this city out right this is
the the Hindus Buddhists everyone’s at
one time it’s not my normal style going
into the tourism stuff in the beginning
but since we’re here we’re gonna do that
because it looks beautiful then we’ll
get into the streets to the nooks and
the crannies to the adventures and
whatnot but let’s check this out I would
meet the Prime Minister mr. Khan okay
Muslim where are you taking me
no this is a surprise for me surprise
the biggest surprise today that the
Prime Minister yeah you’ve been dressed
like them don’t even walk like so 25
minutes in I’m all of a sudden have what
10 friends here show me around the
reconstructing some of the old wall
there it’s really in good shape I gotta
say they’ve preserved it quite well so
far from what I’ve seen huh they put a
lot of time into this place a lot of
first time first time yeah first day
thank you so much you’re welcome soon
they will not let me pay for anything
now you’re a very dangerous man yeah I’m
a fighter look at that very beautiful
signature archway there
and then I’m forgetting the name of this
pattern here but it was for a woman to
look out without being seen they can see
that nobody could see them this is my
what a country when you meet people so
quickly you know yeah you take like lots
longer in many other places I heard
about the hospitality here but now I’m
feeling it
this is a massive playground guys wow
you’re a history professor yeah so
what’s going on here did it was
basically built by a mobile Emperor
Jangi he started building this whole
fortress okay and then it was completed
in 1632 by his son Shah Jahan when you
use it to shower you will see that
Peshawar was basically great a gateway
to hell for every invader Alexander the
everyone Peshawar is in the far
northwest corner of not western of
Pakistan yeah and it was gift wait it
was India every invader or king who has
been here has been through the shower
and then Lahore so it was basically a
protection for the purpose of protection
and the capital of mothers was Delhi
serious been standing lived in for 2,000
years now if you look over here please
check the sound gentlemen we have a
classic mogul arch right and many years
ago what you do you know why the pattern
is like this
I’ll tell you why that woman big woman
could look out yeah nobody no guys I am
conducting a tour for the rest of Lahore
today it’s free of charge sheet if you
want a tip at the end let’s go to the
next stop please this guy’s just nice
dog yes trying to look like stars the
men are having such a good night of
sleep very cool guys I was your tour
guide it was a big joke and now you are
properly giving me a tour so thank you
for that yeah what else we got
let’s go here Oh Dara that this is gone
sheesh man so if the light hits this
it’s very bright just like a star
shining and then touch ok just like the
Sun on my head if you ever if you ever
need there’s no power the light comes
off my head a friend like you yes mr.
as your advisor you have to understand
these are all of your people
hello sir yeah you’re a good dancer
no you have a nice dance no
okay thank you thank you guys
picture selfies love the prayer but you
can hear it from a few different areas
so one over there one over there over
there the prayer for me just sort of
cups things down a little bit
let’s slow down sort of taking the
this seems what afford this is this is
I’m trying to think of a fourth that I
can compare this really than the world
not coming up with it because it’s just
this massive acreage in here a huge zone
elevated above the city
Alan McGee rege eights
is this very very beautiful piece of
architecture and then this leads up into
the moss we’re gonna go into a hot shoe
he Moss is through this gate here like
most mosques well actually all mosques
you need to take your shoes off before
going in
okay we’re in the old city inside one of
the gates there are 13 gates in total
and this seems to be a shoes market area
I just came in from India and a lot of
similarities but there’s something very
different obviously the religion is
different but there’s a much different
feeling and I can’t nail it down yet
someone’s blind there I think grasping
for money calm atmosphere back here
courtyard of some sort
quite wild in here yeah it is he knows
to get jungle you’re swinging on the
roads dodging things
I don’t know exactly what he was saying
but rude are called saris there’s
something different here in Pakistan
beautiful though what a beautiful dress
I love in these markets from the light
just sort of filters down from above so
here we have the jewelry section of the
markets jewelry goal these are always
harder places to film because he bought
a lot of money sitting out there
the boarding boy Peter Peter
what kind of gun is that a lot of
handguns a lot of machine guns I feel
like the most secure guy in Pakistan did
it oh they got my bodyguard this guy
here just in case I got some security up
front so we’re looking we’re looking
pretty stuff
yeah Jesus Wow mosque
cameras a lot of cameras are
a little trial it’ll tee
what a surreal place so they’re
protecting gold here
there’s a lot of gold in that shop
okay coming into a bit of a food place
that looks really good
Salam aleikum
what is this
biani beautiful old building looks like
it’s a high school Raj Mahal High School
now we’re coming into more of a
metalworking area looks like maybe what
are these beads
yeah beads what you have in markets like
these in the world is just layers and
layers of city centuries and centuries I
think it needs to go on so we finally
found one that fit what the cloth
recording recording yeah family is their
family and they don’t want to charge
they don’t want to charge me money no
money no money
so they have this process with the
peanuts they take them here and I guess
it’s saying
I don’t know why he does that okay yeah
what is that let’s go see what that is
have no idea what that is
what are these guys what is that
Rollo’s okay how much
nothing some sort of nut I think
not be completely transparent here and
tell you seen a lot in the world into
quite a few countries and I’m liking
Pakistan I think I’m really digging it
but my footing is in
solid let’s say
it’s really different it is really
unique closer
you want to be nuts
they’re looking for some food now
there’s a famous streets
it’s creating the name but it’s the
place where there’s a lot of sleep
she had a lot of different things
guys making
bamboo fencing
we got up here are some ladders
some loving looks getting some hard
it’s been a good combination in here
I like how they do this with the trucks
in Pakistan they really
in colorful ways
this is Mughal architecture right in
the heart of the old city so these are
apartments my new friend here as a
in surgery
this is your office
Meganium Anya
he gave me the money back he won’t take
the money
I shall be your welcome guys you guys
are so cool
you’re so friendly
Swedish Swedish on
let’s do it
that’s the hydrogen funny very good a
very delicious it’s a sweet custard
is what it is like
motorcycle repair papa
mr. Papa chicken yeah baby [ __ ]
barbecue yes please
spicy barbecue fantastic there’s you
hear me soundtracks are going on right
mentions rare
nothing better today
okay your super bike on your daughter
okay first real meal in Pakistan maybe
not the best example in Pakistani food
pretty straightforward and simple
very good
earlier this neighborhood I got lost and
everyone’s making notebooks the
old-fashioned back to Kiera
that was quite an amazing day so Lahore
first impressions well beautiful Mughal
architecture very kind friendly people a
lot of selfies like more selfies today
then the whole rest of my life combined
everyone was very friendly and open and
then intensity like it’s an intense
hardcore place at least that old city
wall in city downtown and it beats to a
pretty hard drum so a little bit of
everything I also could see how mixed up
this place is like that guy Mosin he had
green eyes you know white skin and I
also saw all different skin types and
colors and yeah I think it’s gonna be a
proper adventure this country just
scratch the surface today I’m absolutely
exhausted tomorrow it’s gonna be out
with I’ll leave it at going out a
meeting up with a guy and we’re gonna do
something cool thanks for coming along
until next one good night like and
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