The Only Real Estate You Need To Own

December 30, 2018


Much of our modern world revolves around owning things, and real estate is a great thing to own. It can bring security and well being and is a great tangible asset; it’s a place to live in or rent out. But the most important real estate we need to own in life is the six inches of real estate that sits in between our ears.  

If someone wasn’t given an inheritance, there is a process of owning a house or apartment.  A set of steps that need to be taken before you can put the key in the door.  Owning our minds is also a process.  It’s a process that takes work and persistence to obtain ownership.

In our youth, most of our thoughts occur without observation.  But in adulthood, some of us come out of the fog to question the information we’ve been programmed with, to question why we think a certain way, or to question why a negative emotion has come over us.  It’s the difference between being asleep at the wheel or being awake.

Owning the space in between our ears is different for everybody.  I can’t say I fully own mine.  It’s been a process… and I can say I own more than I did five years ago; it’s a matter I work on regularly. I’ve learned that thoughts in my head just don’t happen.  For example, I can usually trace my negative thoughts from childhood events.  

There are many strategies on how to own your headspace;  here are a few things that have helped me along the way.


1.  Time alone and away from distractions.  In our busy lives with everything trying to grab our attention… busyness often puts us into a reactive mode (where an outside force owns our actions) instead of proactive mode (where we control our actions).  Alone time can let something that’s been circulating around in our heads settle.  One thing that’s yielded great results is purposely avoiding social media or messages until late morning after I’ve done my most important work of the day.   

2.  Discipline.  Smarts without discipline is a crime.  Creativity without discipline is like the wings of a bird without the body.  Cultivating self-discipline might be the single most important skill for creating the life you want.  There’s often a fallacy that all things should be fun and enjoyable.  Even when working on your passion there are things that come up that aren’t fun and enjoyable; they shouldn’t be pushed aside. Accomplishing these tasks through discipline builds confidence in the mind. 

3.  Observing thoughts.  Observing thought and why it exists is a the key to owning our heads.  Looking into a repeating narrative and questioning why it’s continuing is a worthy activity.  We are constantly playing narratives in our heads that might or might not be true.  Once the narrative repeats itself enough times it turns into a habit and often exacerbates.  Observing thought and understanding where it’s coming from can break this pattern.  

4.  Ayahuasca. This isn’t for everybody.  Ayahuasca is the most powerful psychedelic medicine on the planet; it’s been used in the jungles of Peru for thousands of years.  Ayahuasca is like the equivalent of 10 years of therapy in a day.  It removes the ego from the spirit and therefore allows you to observe yourself in your purest and most vulnerable form.  It’s a way to be a spectator in the stands of your life instead of the player on the field. 

This different perspective shows you what you need.  After my ayahuasca journey, I never wanted to drink alcohol again, and my life is much better because of this. If you want to try ayahuasca do your research first and know that the shaman conducting the ceremony is legitimate.  

5.  Therapy.  Finding a good therapist can be a huge help.  They will be able to assist you to look into your shadows or blind spots that you are unable to see on your own.  

6.  Meditation.  We all have copious amounts of thoughts coursing through our minds.  Meditation helps cut the thought noise and therefore lower anxiety.  Just 10 minutes of meditation every morning can make a noticeable difference.  


These are just a few suggestions, but there is so much one can do to own their mind space.  While the material world keeps pressuring us to own more real estate (or things), know that owning the six inches in between your ears is the most powerful and valuable real estate you’ll ever own.  

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