5 Ways To Succeed

August 12, 2018
Long road and the mountains

The word success is like the word freedom… it’s impossible to have a uniform definition for everyone.   With that said, there’s a skeleton framework of success that applies to most people whom I’ve met from around the world.


Good people are everything. You become very much like what you spend your time around. Knowing what a work environment is like before you step into it is crucial. There are certain industries or professions that bring out specific characteristics in people. Do these values align with yours? Be very aware of this, and guard yourself with all you’ve got. Compromising personal values to be accepted by a group that doesn’t align with these values poisons the soul.

Organizations are like salads. Even if all the ingredients are good, bad dressing will ruin it. If the boss survives by screwing people over, then look for alternatives.

In friendships, call people out if they’re destructive. Be aware if people focus heavily on their ego that’s baked in fear, vs. their spirit that’s grounded in love. There are no good or bad people, everybody has darkness and lightness inside of them; the element they give attention to determines who they are, what they manifest into the world; and what they project onto you.

If someone’s constantly bitching about things or plays the victim card, offer advise, but don’t consume yourself with trying to help change them if they don’t want to do the hard work. I’ve been down this road a few times with friends and it’s never gone well. Lifestyle change has to come from within.

Removing people from your life that no longer add to you can be difficult. Especially if they’re friends you’ve had for a long time. If your energy is down after every encounter with a certain people, then it’s better not to be around them.

Having good people to share ideas and experiences with is paramount.  If you don’t have them, a good start is to put yourself in places where others have like-minded interests as yourself.



The quality of information we put into our brains is crucial. Pay close attention to what you spend your attention on. Try to step back as a spectator of your thoughts and observe yourself: does this information you’re absorbing make your life better or not? What feeling does it evoke?

If you’re focusing on things outside of your control and getting emotionally charged by them, then there could be a bigger problem you’re trying to cover up. My father was a financial consultant. He looked at the markets in an emotional way instead of a pragmatic one. He was happy if the markets were good, and unhappy if they weren’t. The markets—that are based off of greed and fear—controlled his moods and therefore his life.

Most of TV is crap. There are a few exceptions. Sure, it’s good for escapism, but the vast majority is like potato chips for the brain.

A good podcast with excellent content will add to your life. These are great for commutes or while doing other things.

Read good books.

Analyzing the information in your dreams is powerful. Our conscious mind suppresses our subconscious mind. Our subconscious mind runs our operating system and also dominates our dreams. Thinking about what you dreamt about upon waking up can sometimes lead clues of bigger problems that need to be addressed.

Beautiful rainbow in Ukraine

Good Events/Classes.

There are many master classes, extended learning classes, or startup events available in person or online. These can be super helpful. Just be careful of binging on this content. There becomes a saturation point were it’s easy to be reactive and just consume information, instead of taking action and doing the work.


I’m not the best with this, but I eat mostly well despite heavy doses of daily chocolate. I quit alcohol years ago, which was the single best decision I’ve made to improve the quality of my life. I know that’s a tough sell to most people since so much of our social existence is wrapped up in alcohol. Food dictates mood and energy levels; putting the right fuel in the machine makes it operate better. Exercise is excellent for mood change and energy.


Do what you love with work. Everybody deep down wants this; a majority of people don’t find it. For the lucky few it comes easily, for others they spend their whole life looking for it. Some never think about it. But it’s super critical for success—liking what you do for a great part of your conscious hours of life. For me it’s been a difficult journey to find this, and it’s still a work in progress. Don’t give up if you haven’t found it, or you’ll be that angry old person talking about the good old days of high school.

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