At 24 I left the US for the first time and ventured around the world for two years. Afterwards things were never the same. That experience showed me the wide expanse beyond my own nation’s borders: friendships, freedom, business opportunities, different perspectives, and radial self development.

It was a far different than the fear-based narrative that I was taught by my culture. I learned that most of the world is wide open, friendly and cool.

Now I make videos that HUMANIZE places that have been DEHUMANIZED by mainstream media, politicians, Hollywood movies and our “leaders.” Places like: Iran, Turkey, Ukraine, Eritrea, Colombia, and many more.

My content dives into humanity through my powers of observation, extroverted sensing, connecting, and contrarian thinking.

My audience is likeminded and wants to open up to the world instead of fear it.

Ultimately, I inspire my tribe to get out of their comfort zone and stretch beyond their borders, recognize the greatness of themselves, create meaningful human connections, and to find freedom by removing the narrative of fear.