The Nation State, Ukraine/Russia

Україна та Росія: РозпадFeatured

Все скінчилося. Незважаючи на те, що вони ділили між собою, скажімо, багато чого, та для Марії настав час розправити свої крила – нарешті розірвати її зв’язок з Борисом. Марія і Борис мають довгу спільну історію. Це важко пояснити, але майже…

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Chernobyl, Travel

Lessons from ChernobylFeatured

Deep in the Ukrainian countryside, down a long, straight road in the forest, lays the dark story of a horrific accident that shook the world. Everybody’s heard of it, but after reactor number 4 exploded, the people of Pripyat pushed…

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Kiev, Travel

Living in Kyiv: My first 3 months of observations….Featured

Standing in the geographic center of Europe is a city straddling the left and the right banks of the wide Dnipro River: Kiev. It was once the capital of the Slavic world and the nerve center for the greater Kievan Rus Empire. In 2017 the power that shapes Ukraine comes not only from itself, but also from more powerful capital cities in Russia, the US, and Europe.

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Colombia, Travel

The magic of Colombia in 2016Featured

Nestled in the mountains of South America is a breathtaking land widely known for its struggles with cocaine, drug cartels, and violence: Colombia. Not long ago, the narcos controlled the cities, towns, and emotions of the people. Cocaine—the white gold—inflicts…

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